Xtreme Outfitters Built Ford Raptor At SEMA 2014



Xtreme Outfitters Built Ford Raptor At SEMA 2014

Words by: Douglas Forinash

Source: Xtreme Outfitters

With the 2014 SEMA show in full swing, we headed out to the Rigid Industries outdoor display and were delighted to see one beautiful Ford Raptor that is built for some hardcore fun. For the past few years, the Raptor has been an icon in the off road community. Little did Ford know during the design process that with a few changes to a standard 4×4 F150, a whole new aftermarket sector would be launched on the heels of that new truck.

Unfortunately, all good things do come to an end and with the introduction of the 2015 F150, the Ford Raptor we all know and love has came to the end of its production cycle. If you consider the fact that Ford has opted not to include the 6.2-liter V8 that gave the Raptor the power it needed in this new generation (2015+) of F150s, it is pretty safe to say that the Raptor as we know it will never be produced again.

Whether or not new Raptors will ever be produced again, it certainly hasn’t stopped the aftermarket from continuing to develop some of the hottest upgrades for current, and future, owners of the beloved Raptor. Such is the case with Roy Ward’s black on black beauty that aside from a roll cage and links, is as close to a street legal trophy truck as you can get. We had the chance to speak with Chris Abbott, chief fabricator at Xtreme Outfitters in Kerrville, Texas, who was the man behind the build of this beast.

With the hood open, we quickly noticed the powder coated engine cage that tightly wrapped some engine mods. To this point, Abbott explained, “We have the Roush 2.3-liter twin screw supercharger and it is factory backed with a fully retained Ford factory warranty since we had a certified shop install it. It puts out about 590 hp to the tires and it’s a significant jump over the stock power – she gets loose and is extremely fun!” Putting the power to the ground is a set of 37-inch General Grabber tires mounted on red powder coated Method Race Wheels.

The first thing you may notice about this truck is the wide track up front – so we had to ask Abbott what exactly what was done to the truck. He continued, “The front suspension is the full Brenthel Industries system with dual King reservoir shocks and King nitrogen charged bump-stops. The rear suspension includes Brenthel’s leaf springs and King shocks as well.”

While the truck has an appearance that is far from stock, you can clearly see the detail that went into mounting the ADD front and rear bumpers along with the ADD chase rack that has had sections powder coated in the familiar red color seen throughout the truck. On top of the chase rack lies a 52-inch Rigid Industries light bar that can tilt up and down electronically.

Our attention then went toward the rectangular light that sat atop the cab of the Raptor. In response to our curiosity, Abbot replied, “We retrofitted a Rigid Industries six-inch Hyperspot light on top of the cab that is remote controlled so that we can point it wherever we want. It makes seeing at night very convenient because you don’t have to move the truck to shine your lights on something.

A truck like this has more details than what can be seen simply passing by the truck. We asked Abbott what else went into this truck and he replied, “Stainless Works provided a full stainless exhaust system and we received a Tom Woods driveshaft as well. While we put Brenthel steering gear and half-shafts up front, the rear axle remains 100-percent stock with the original 4.10 rear gears.”

To turn day into night, this Raptor has been mounted with more Rigid Industries lights than most people would know what to do with. With this many lights, there shouldn’t be any surprises that stand in its way when running hard through the night.

While the truck appeared to be fully complete, we did ask Abbott what was in store for the truck in the future and he said, “It has been a great truck so far but we do plan to do a full cage with back half to run a four-link in the near future.”

Thanks to Chris Abbott and Xtreme Outfitters for their time and stay tuned to see what happens next with this one of a kind Raptor!

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