Trailer Back Up Lights: Installing Rigid SR-M LEDs


Big Thanks to Bruce Smith at Hard Working Trucks for submitting this awesome install for all to see!

Easy how-to: Upfitting a Landoll LT1220 Equipment Trailer with Rigid LED SR-M Back Up Lights

Rigid LED Backup LightBWS_2204

Rigid Industries’ SR-M LED back up light mounted on a Landoll LT102 equipment trailer.

If you are in the market looking for the best backup lights for a trailer, look no further than Rigid Industries’ SR-M LED Back Up Light kit. These compact LED lights are both powerful and rugged, yet very compact so they are less likely to get damaged around the equipment yard or on a job-site.

These Rigid Industries SR-M LED Back Up Light Kits are astonishingly easy to install and with that we got the bright idea of up-fitting a Landoll LT1220 equipment trailer with Rigid’s back up lighting kit.

The kit itself is actually designed for vehicles, from pickups to emergency vehicles to work trucks.

This lighting kit includes everything you need to install a pair of Rigid Industries back-up lights on your vehicle:

  • Two SR-M LED lights
  • An extended 25′ wiring harness
  • All necessary hardware
  • And black Lens covers.

This kit features Rigid’s patented Hybrid optics system combined with a Diffused lens, to offer a powerful 60deg beam pattern for unmatched visibility.

The wiring harness in the kit is just the right length for a 20-foot equipment trailer and is sheathed in split-loom.

The only difference between installing the kit on a truck or piece of equipment and installing these lights on a trailer is the power source: Instead of tapping into the pickup’s backup light wire in the taillight, we screwed it directly to the 7-way trailer plug’s center (backup light) post.

It’s cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation, and this Single Row Mini weighs in at an astonishing 7 ounces, including hardware.


Night view RigidBWS_2220 web

Rigid Industries’ SR-M LED back up light mounted on a Landoll LT1220 tilt-deck equipment trailer.

We did the same with the ground wire for the SR-M LEDs, attaching the black wire to the white (ground) wire’s post on the back of the Bargman plug.

The on/off switch that’s part of the Rigid harness was also plugged in as per the instructions, tucking the switch, in the “on” position, in the Landoll’s storage tray under the trailer’s tilt-deck.


This switch can be easily bypassed if needed. But we kept everything intact just in case someday we wanted to move them to another vehicle or trailer.

The difference between having these lights on the trailer and not is striking. The LEDs produce a brilliant white light with a 60-degree wide beam pattern, which is just what you want when trying to back up an equipment trailer in the dead of night.

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