The Trail of Missions


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The Trail of Missions

Contributed by Greg Foutz – General Manager – Addictive Desert Designs

For most people seven days is just another normal week, but for me, these past seven days have been some of the most memorable days of my life. I recently joined Cameron Steele, profound off-road racing champion and host of the Trail of Missions Trips, and some of his guys at Desert Assassins on a seven-day adventure through the Baja California Desert. The trip consisted of 1600 miles with 1300 of them being all off-road. Our journey began in Tecate, Mexico and ended in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I was one of the few lucky people to have received an invitation for this private trip. Personally, I was just expecting a few guys rolling through the desert in some Ford F-150 Raptors, but that was just the beginning! Private beaches along the Baja peninsula, historic Spanish Missions, Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage and the remote fishing village of El Datil are just a few experiences I wasn’t expecting.

The purpose of the trip for us was to test out the durability of our new level 3 suspension kit for the Ford F150 Raptor and our new brake system kit designed exclusively for the Ford F-150 Raptor at Addictive Desert Designs. Our new front suspension kit gives you a fabricated lower a-arm, upper arm, and fabricated spindle along with the Fox internal by-pass shock and billet tie rod assembly for the ultimate durability and performance.  Most of the Raptors on the trip were nearly completely stock so let me tell you those stock Raptors are beasts!

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Our first stop was at the Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage in Baja, Mexico. Once you visit this place you will have a change of heart, guaranteed. The kids were ecstatic to see us. Every visitor that stops by means something to the kids. We sat down and shared a lunch with them at for a few hours. We asked what their favorite hobbies were, favorite sports and what they want to be when they grow up. Before leaving we handed out some items that consisted of Tooth brushes, back packs, clothes, candy, baseball gloves and gave some donations to the orphanage. Then, we packed up and headed back out on the open road.

As we were making our way down the Baja peninsula we stopped at El Datil and were eager to find out more about this unique town.

El Datil is a remote fishing village located in Baja, Mexico. People fish from sun up to sun down. That’s their life, culture and responsibility. The fish that are caught end up being shipped all over for distribution. I can honestly say that these men and women are professionals when it comes to fishing. Just like at the Santa Marta Orphanage we handed out some items and donations. Afterwards we left and headed on down to the historic Spanish Missions.

I have always heard about the Spanish Missions along the Baja but have never had the chance to actually see most of them. Several days were focused around a destination to seeing these fine pieces of history. We ended up visiting various missions including San Ignacio, San Javier, San Borja and Loreto. The hand crafted designs along the buildings, the decayed and ruined adobe parts at some made this place feel like a real time lapse. Some of the older original missions were nothing more than adobe ruins now but several had been developed into amazing stone cathedrals that will amaze anyone.  This is something that everyone should put on his or her bucket list.

We ended up strolling down the Baja and ran up on some private beaches. The first thing I saw when I stepped out on the private beach was a beautiful big crab. The private beaches, breathtaking views, and all the people we met really topped off the seven-day adventure through the Baja Peninsula.

Overall the trip was an off-road adventure’s dream. The Baja culture, the people, the wide-open roads and the private beaches made this one trip that I will not forget!

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