Before Torture Videos Were Cool


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Before Torture Videos Were Cool

Contributed by Steve Adams – Partner Rigid Industries LED Lighting

Back in late 2008, there were four guys in Arizona that had a pretty cool LED lightbar. We believed in this LED lightbar but needed some way to show the world how durable it really was.

During that time we were still living in the age of 100w Chrome Halogen bulbs or $1000 HID lights with glass lens and fragile filaments.

The idea started off, by getting our first and only employee (Phillip) to start hitting an LED lightbar with a 2×4. That progressed into all the other fun activities you will see in the first video. There was zero thought put into narration scripts (obviously!), different scenes and ways to kill the light.

We did whatever possible to try and break the light. We actually did break the light once, but it was due to actually pulling the light around the neighborhood with the wire not a chain or cable). The wire eventually snapped, after bouncing it off the curb at 25mph. Once the day ended, we knew this LED lightbar was something special. Check it out the first video below (tons of dragging and beating!)

Next, we decided to shoot the light! Of course a .223 was going to blow a hole right through it, but we thought with the solid-state redundancy it might work. Of course back then, nothing was well thought out. With the same light that was beat with the 2X4 and dragged through the streets, it was off to the shooting range. We convinced one of our friends to dress up all-tactical for added “realism”. If you plan on shooting a flat surface from close range with a shotgun, you should probably tilt it away from you. Everybody filming and watching got prepped with BB’s!

Once we posted the two videos on YouTube, the response was incredible! So incredible, that we created a new standard. Just about every competitor decided to make their own “Torture” video. It’s gratifying, if not annoying, but always funny when some new “China Inc.” light bar company releases a new torture video six years later.

Of course our videography skills have improved. We decided to redo the original video in 2012 which is what most people think is the original. It’s amazing to see where things have come in just 5 short years. Over 300+ Products (vs 7), 250 employees (vs. 1) and the top LED lighting manufacturer in the US.

Now instead of trying to convince people of the durability, LED vehicle lights are the new standard, of course with Rigid Industries as the leader.

BTW, that light is still around somewhere. Through all the tradeshows, videos and bashing, the light still works!

Thanks for reading, be sure and come say hi at SEMA 2014 (Second Floor – South Hall- Booth #34193).

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