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Tornado Chasers Rely On Rigid LED Lights


Tornadoes are one of the most dangerous storms that nature throws at us. They can destroy entire buildings and cause thousands of Tornado hits in Northern Mississippiinjuries or deaths. There are some really good reasons for chasing storms — mainly, scientific research, the more research obtained the better chance there is to get a few extra seconds of warning to the community before the next one hits. Every second counts when it comes to saving lives. There are also several reasons why amateurs shouldn’t go storm chasing, no matter how fun it looks. Storms are very dangerous. Professional storm chasers have meteorological training that allows them to understand the storms they’re chasing. They know when conditions are safe and when it’s time to back off. They also learn by chasing with other experienced storm chasers. Amateurs should never chase storms. Ever.

To hunt tornadoes, you need to understand them. A tornado is a swirling mass of air that can reach wind speeds above 300 mph. It’s spawned from severe thunderstorms with enough energy and the proper conditions to start a “cyclone” of spinning air. Tornadoes can happen anywhere and at any time, but they tend to happen most frequently in the late evening or during the night, when thunderstorms sweeping across the land Animated Tornado Forecasthave picked up energy from the heat of the day. Tornadoes are most commonly encountered in North America,in a huge area ranging from the Rocky Mountains east to the Atlantic Ocean, and from Mexico into Canada. Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas are known for tornadoes, but devastating tornadoes have hit Florida, Pennsylvania and other states.

A tornado can be accompanied by frequent lightning, straight-line winds, heavy rain and hail. All these factors add to the danger of a tornado. The tornado itself causes injury and death in three ways:

  • Picking people up and hurling them through the air
  • Crushing people beneath debris
  • Impaling people with objects flung through the air with incredible force

Informational Credit: Grabianowski, Ed. “How Storm Chasers WorkHowStuffWorks.com 04 March 2015.

Rigid Life Blog has had the unique opportunity of sponsoring North Mississippi Storm Chasers – Jay Robertson, for a first hand review of how Rigid Industries LED Lights are heavily relied upon out in the field of storm chasing. Jay also works with Mississippi Weather Media to provide local weather forecasts, live streams, and radar services to the community of Northern Mississippi. The Staff here at Rigid Industries first reached out to Jay when he provided customer feedback on our website’s Product Review Page.

Jay Robertson - Rigid Industries Product Review

Jay owns a 1998 Chevrolet Suburban with a custom interior Roll Cage and on the outside, his vehicle is reinforced with AR-400 Ballistic Steel Armor.

“The exterior armor is painted the same color as the vehicle but if you look closely at the doors you can see it” – Jay

Jay’s Vehicle is also equipped with the following:

Front Facing – Rear View Mirrors: Rigid Industries D2 Hyperspot LED Lights

Front Lower Bumper: Rigid Industries Dually Diffused & Dually D2 Driving LED Lights

He notes that his vehicle also has other name brand LED Lights including the following:

Front Bumper Centered: Hella 500 Driving Beam Light:

 “That light, whenever it rained while driving really hard we still couldn’t see – someday we will have Rigid’s in its place.” – Jay

Also installed are: Top Roof Rack Side Lights – He did not mention the name brand of these lights but did make note that:

 “After just 2 chase seasons 3 LED’s are already out. Don’t waste your money buying cheap lights. Buy Rigid’s!” – Jay

Jay has provided us an awesome video to share with our Rigid Nation showing his storm chasing in action and explaining our light usage:

UPDATE: Since recording this video Rigid Industries LED Lighting has graciously sponsored Jay Robertson and provided him with:

A Set of 2 – Rigid Industries R2-46 Combo Lights – To replace out that Hella light on the front of his vehicle

A Set of 2  – Rigid Industries 2×10 Scene Lights – To replace his current “off-brand” broken LED Lights on the top roof rack.

We’re all looking forward to Jay’s next big adventure in the Tornado Chasing World! Thank you Jay!




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  1. Good information and great video. Proud of Jay and North Mississippi Storm Chasers. They are my go to site for weather information.

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