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Rigid Industries LED Lighting was recently featured in 8 Lug HD Truck Magazine – September 2014 – Volume 9, Issue 9

Text by: Phil Gordon

The true test of a man isn’t how fast he can pitch a ball; it isn’t how big his truck is or what school he went to. The true test is how he overcomes adversity. For 27-year-old Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Scott Maine, his body and mind were put to the test. Born in Jupiter, Florida, Scott was always very close to his father. He was taught the game of baseball at a young age and spent years playing catch with his dad. That knowledge and experience led to Baseball America rating him as the #7 prospect in the country. The Seattle Mariners chose him in the 2003 MLB Draft, but Scott instead chose to go to college.

The following year, as a gift for his hard work and dedication through school and on the mound, Scott’s father bought him a new Dodge Dakota. During the summer, he was traveling on the busy Florida Turnpike returning home from a dentist appointment when two tractor-trailers suddenly slowed in the left lanes. Scott swerved and clipped a car he hadn’t noticed next to him. He hit an embankment and vaulted over a 6-foot chain fence, landing upright. Pine trees mangled both sides of Scott’s truck. Scott remained conscious, kicked open the passenger door, and crawled out.

“I’m alright,” he told the paramedics, but they called for a helicopter because they knew he clearly wasn’t. “He had so many cracks in his face and head, I couldn’t count them all,” his neurosurgeon said. Scott was induced into a coma to control the swelling and was given a 40 percent chance of surviving. While his father was by his side, he regained consciousness after a successful brain surgery. As his college teammates and coaches came to visit, Scott joked he would be the next Friday’s starter.

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Twenty-three days later, Scott was released from the hospital. At first, he was told he would never play ball again. But during a workout with his private coach he indeed began throwing. Scott was hitting mid-90s immediately. Six months after the accident, wearing a mask molded to his face, Scott took the mound. He struck out the first batter he faced and everyone knew he was back. “I don’t really think it’s a big deal,” Scott says of his head injury. “I mean other people would, but I’m still alive.”

Scott was again selected in the draft in 2007 and made his major league debut for the Chicago Cubs in 2010. As his biggest supporter, his father decided it was time for Scott to have a larger and safer truck. Together they purchased an ’11 Ford F-350. His father had some work done at a shop called DV8 Motorsports in Palm Beach, and he brought Scott there to make suggestions that would make the truck fit his style and personality.

The hard-working crew constructed the new truck and transformed it with amazing results. Everyone at DV8 had a part in this build. Shop owner Cary Jones, right-hand man Mark W., and Scott gathered up a plan that was flawlessly executed by head tech Dan Winters. A Fabtech 4.0 coilover lift with Dirt Logic shocks in the rear along with floating traction bars were chosen. The kit is stretched to 11 inches utilizing the Readylift adjustable track bar-all custom powder coated Prismatic Tans Cooper.

The lift opened up the space for the massive 24X14 American Force Spyder wheels custom painted gloss black and copper and wrapped in 38×13.50R24 Nitto Trail Grapplers. Up front, behind the matched T-Rex X metal grille, is a Rigid Industries LED lightbar. To hide the full-size spare in the bed is an electric Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover. A set of Amp Research steps helps Scott into the truck on a daily basis.

The details don’t end with the exterior. The 6.7L engine is equipped with an H&S Mini Maxx tuner and CAC pipe with a MagnaFlow 5-inch exhaust. Utilizing the Snyder Performance Engineering tune, this truck has no problem running with the best of them.

The interior of the truck has been revamped with rear buckets and a custom rear center console filled with four Memphis Mojo 10-inch subs. The door panels have also been fitted with four pairs of 6.5 inch Memphis M Class component speakers and a pair of Memphis 8-inch components to fill the entire cab and the surrounding area with crystal clear sound at any volume.

To keep the two-tone theme, the seats were re-covered using Roadwire Leather to finish off every bit of detail.

As Scott sits in his apartment in Chicago, he tells us by phone, “You never know what life will throw at you, but I’ve overcome everything. I’ve gotten better, and I’m ready to make the next step.” With a strong background and perseverance, Scott had exceeded all expectations. ‘I can’t wait until the offseason so I can cruise in my truck,” Scott says with a small laugh, “but as of now, I’ve got people to strike out.”

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