The Black Mamba, Custom Build by UTVUnderground

Black Mamba with Rigid Industries LED Lights

Black Mamba with Rigid Industries LED Lights

UTVUnderground recently customized a 2013 Polaris RZR with Rigid Industries LED Lights. They provided a thorough look of this awesome build: has been fortunate to have been a part of some of the industries coolest and most innovative UTV builds.

Due to the history of our builds, each time UTVUnderground sets out to customize a new vehicle, we go over the top with not just our high standards, but more innovation as well.

So when we started planning for our 2013 Polaris RZR Jagged-X Edition, we knew we had to go large or go home! Right away, we wanted to build a dual purpose UTV.

Something that could be used for more strenuous – pre-run adventures like pre-race running of the Baja 500 or 1000 – at the same time still being a fun car to play with whether we wanted to take it to Moab or Ocotillo Wells. Next, we needed a build partner. After some discussion, we selected SDR Motorsports out of Riverside, CA.

Teaming Up
Being leaders in custom Polaris RZR builds, it was a no brainer that at some point and SDR would collaborate at some point in time. Once in the hands of SDR, our machine was transformed into total head turning functionality and style. SDR took on the challenge of not only fabricating but also assembling the new machine while we set out to gather all the parts and accessories we wanted to include in the build.

We started with the most important accessories that would benefit us on those long pre-run adventure; lights, navigation, communications, wheels, and tires topped that list with us reaching out to some the industries best companies. Working with SDR, we came up with a custom color scheme that retained the factory flat back base color and created a never seen before “flat/anodized candy blue” color for the cage that in some light seems more like a metallic purple. We officially dubbed this build the “BLACK MAMBA!”

Black Mamba with Rigid Industries LED Lights

Rigid Industries Lights the Way
Rigid Industries supplied us with so many cool LED lights. They added some of their custom flare by hooking us up with interior and rock style A-Series LED Lights that were “of course” blue to match the cage! SDR mounted blue A-Series LED Lights on each of the four fender wells as rock light and undercarriage accent lights. When fired up, these blue accent lights really give the car that sweet custom look we had aimed for!

Black Mamba with Rigid Industries LED Lights

Center Roof Bar with Rigid Industries A-Series LED Lights


SDR put the remaining two A-Series LED Lights in the center roof bar to be used as dome lights. A 30” SR-Series LED Light Bar was custom mounted to the roof, surrounded by a custom aluminum shroud. With the way SDR mounted this bright LED light, it looks super tricked out!

Opting for no front bumper on this car, we instead installed a custom SDR front grill with a 10” SR-Series LED Light Bar that mounts directly in the factory bumper mount cavity. While the roof bar will give us that high throw light, the low mounted 10” will give us that close-to-the ground coverage.

Black Mamba 4

Front Grill with Rigid Industries SR-Series LED Light Bar


From there, we added two Dually D-2 LED Lights on the a-pillars to give us that middle and side-to-side coverage. To say we have enough light is the understatement of the year! To top the cake, Rigid Industries also sent us two SR-M Blue LEDs that we mounted on the rear bumper behind a cool aluminum piece. These lights act as reverse lights that leave nothing to be seen left out!



Navigation and Communications
Anyone that has ever ridden off-road in unfamiliar territory knows how important navigation and communications are. Our friends at Polaris supplied us with their new Lowrance 5” HDS/XTR GPS which was mounted into our custom Wally World fiberglass dash.

With that out of the way, we reached out to Rugged Radios for their hot new communications set up. Rugged sent us out their new Revolution Series RRP686 Intercom system. Of course for us, we just need it for driver / passenger communication, but it’s a cool piece of equipment with lots of options. We love the sleek way this intercom fits our dash.

In place of traditional knobs, the system includes touch membrane volume controls and on/off buttons that give the intercom a futuristic and custom look that fit our build perfectly. In addition, we installed a Rugged Radios Vertex 50w race radio, which SDR put on the passenger side dash panel above the glove box. The intercom was mounted just to the left of the steering column making it easy to reach for the driver.

Wheels and Tires
Wheels and tires are an important decision for any build. To carry on the theme of the build, we wanted to use products from site sponsors/advertisers. Walker Evans Racing wheels were an easy decision. The 12″ WER beadlock wheels come stock on the Jagged X edition, but we wanted to step up to 14″ beadlocks on out build. So, WER dialed us in with 5 of their popular 14″ race wheels.

From there, we went with the extremely popular GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrel tires. We debated over using 30″ or 28″ tall tire. After some discussion, we settled on the 28″ tires, which to us looks the best and at full bump does not rub. It’s hard to go anywhere these days and not see a set of these Mongrels being ran on a UTV. The GBC Motorsports Mongrel is also a DOT approved tire, which gives us confidence when we are running at high speed on the highways in Baja!

Comfort and Safety
Comfort and safety are a MUST for any build! We leaned on partners Pro Armor to supply us with a pair of custom seats that not only would look good in our Black Mamba but would also provide us with that long distance comfort. Pro Armor hooked us up with their XL Sniper seats with removable seat cushions which make for easy cleaning.

The XL Sniper seat is the perfect seat for big guys and offers a slightly deeper bucket in the seat. We have ran these seats in multiple builds, and they always deliver on both comfort and style. SDR installed a set of Crow 5-Point harnesses to hold us in place, but it was DragonFire Racing that would deliver the final touch for our interior safety. DFR hooked up the Black Mamba with their new suede sport steering wheel with quick disconnect and a sweet navigator grab bar with anti-vibration clamp. The steering wheel is perfect in diameter and gives us the look and feel we were after with this build. Both driver and passenger PTT buttons are installed on our steering wheel and navigator grab bar.

We went all out on this build and one look at it sitting complete you can tell that we spared no expense, and SDR spared no detail on the Black Mamba. It’s the details that make any build, and for us we have some of the coolest details included that deserve mentioning. The custom Wally World dash really makes our interior stand out above any other build we have done this far. It houses all of our custom / UTVInc switches, our Polaris GPS, factory gauge, and ignition.

If you look closely, you will spot some of the five SSV Works stereo speakers. The SSV Works system is a must for any build. There is nothing better than having tunes while you are cruising or hanging out on a ride. The five-speaker Kicker system JAMS and is pretty much plug and play. SSV Works also supplies the speakers with enclosures that are custom fitted to the contours of the RZR’s interior.

Because of our custom SDR rear storage boxes, SDR had to build a custom enclosure for our rear pod speakers, which are mounted directly into the rear firewall just between the passenger and driver seats. SDR told us that over 300 feet of wire went into building this hot UTV, and we don’t doubt it one bit. SDR put resettable breakers on all of the accessories, but one thing we will add is a backup battery. We are going to need it!

When we picked up Black Mamba from SDR, we were completely blown away. The look of the machine, the lines, the aluminum work, the wiring, the color scheme…everything just really worked together. SDR’s XPR-2 cage system coupled with their custom opening doors, rear aluminum storage compartments, and trick roof mounted light bar mount really set this car off.

Unleashing The Beast
It was a shame to get it dirty but thats exactly what we had to do once Vincent Knakal of Mad Media was done shooting photos of it! We loaded Black Mamba up, and took it to Moab, UT for the Rally On The Rocks event and to put the machine to the test!

Not surprisingly, the machine did everything we wanted it to do. From pounding the dirt roads to overcoming the unforgiving rock trails, Black Mamba not only tore it up, but it looked good while doing it. The taller wheels and tires make for a very smooth ride while the interior creature comforts are positioned in all the right places. It was a wise decision for us to add the Factory UTV UHMW trailing arm skids before heading out, and they saved our arms multiple times!

A huge thank you goes out to each and every sponsor who contributed to this build and especially to SDR Motorsports for the amazing build and assembly of this machine. We also want to thank Polaris for the opportunity once again to build one of their amazing machines. We can’t wait to get Black Mamba back out on the trail!

Builder: SDR Motorsports – XPR-2
Chasis: 2013 Polaris RZR Jagged-X HO (EPS)
Weight: 1529 lbs
Wheel Base: 107.4″
Track Width: 64″
Ground Clearance: 14.5″
Suspension: Factory Dual A-Arm Front (13.5″ Travel) Trailing Arm Rear (14″ Travel)
Shocks: Walker Evans Racing 2.0 Front / 2.5 Rear w/ Compression Adjustment Piggy Back Resevoir’s
Axles: Factory
Engine: Polaris Pro-Star H.O. 875cc 4 Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder
Exhaust: SLP Factory H.O. Exhaust System
Intake: Factory
Wheels: Walker Evans Racing 14″ Beadlocks
Tires: GBC Motorsports 28″ Kanati Mongrels
Wrap/Graphics: Pro Line Wraps (TBD)
Seats: Pro Armor Jagged X Edition Replacements w/ SDR Motorsports Lowered Seat Bases
Safety: Crow 5 Point Harnesses
Window Nets: N/A
Brakes: Factory 4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc w/ Dual Bore Front & Rear Calipers
Wiring: SDR Motorsports w/ UTV Inc Custom Switches
Navigation: Lowrance Polaris Edition XTR Color 5″ GPS
Communication: Rugged Radios 686 Intercom with 50w Vertex Race Radio
Lighting: Rigid Industries 30″ SR (roof) – 10″ SR (grill) – 2-Dually (a-pillar) – 2-SRM Blue (reverse) – 4-A Series Blue Rock Lights (wheel wells) – 2-A Series Blue (dome)
Skid Plate: Factory Belly Pan w/ Factory UTV UHMW Trailing Arm Guards
Fuel Cell: Factory
Stereo: SSV Works 5 Speaker KICKER System
Steering Wheel: Dragon Fire Racing Suede Sport Racing Wheel w/ Quick Disconnect
Navigator Bar: Dragon Fire Racing w/ Anti Vibration Clamp
Mirrors: Yoshimura Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
Whips: Safe Glow Whips Blue LED Dual Whips w/ Billet Mounts

Article & Images Provided by UTVUnderground



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