Testimonial From an Engineer




So my last day out at TDS in Ocotillo Wells CA was quite an adventure. On Saturday a group of us took a ride out to what they call “phone booth”. Here is a huge crowd where guys and gals take their rigs and challenge themselves to a steep knarly climb towards the top. Here a group of us watched till I figured I’d give it a shot. It didn’t look as bad as it was till you got up close to it. I tried to line up to it a few times and didn’t have any luck.

On the last try I gave it a little more then I should have, and when push came to shove, we went over. No one was hurt but the Jeep got messed up pretty good. Windshield and frame were crushed, fender was bent in, soft top was thrashed, doors dented inward, rear axle bent, and a broken coil over mount.  The psc full roll cage is what initially saved my life, a few scratches and dings but no fatigue or stress cracks. 





Once back on all 4 tires and moved out of the way you can see the damage done to it. The SR-50” Rigid LED Light bar took one heck of a beating, landed right on top of it. The D2 Dually’s got a pounding too as well as dented inward and pushed into the A-pillar brackets. The SR-10” came out untouched! I was astonished to see that each of the Rigid LED lights worked, none the less bent, cracked, and thrashed, their function didn’t fatigue.






In rebuilding the Jeep and re-installing new brackets and a windshield frame, I had to put the light bar back to its place, but I couldn’t have left it bent.









So I put it to a fixture table and clamped it down in the opposite direction it was bent to bend back. I didn’t know I have to bend it over 4” in the other direction to help with the spring back of the housing.




IMG_1967Needless to say after its whole roll over, and a fixture table torture test to straighten it back out, it STILL worked! Each and every LED was on and bright as could be.

This is a product that can withstand the test of time, hands down! I’m sold for life. Thank you Rigid Industries for making a great American made product that can stand up to real life adventures, whatever may come your consumers way.


A customer for life

John G.

Engineering and Product Development

Poison Spyder Customs, INC.



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