2014 SEMA Show Recap (New Products)



Rigid Industries LED Lighting Reveals New Products at SEMA Show 2014

Rigid Industries® LED Lighting, the world’s leader in forward projecting LED lighting via its patented optic systems and torture-tested housing, unveils its latest and hottest new products at the SEMA Show 2014 featuring the R-Series 46, Dually XL Series, DOT/SAE Lights, E-Mark Certified Lights, Amber and White Dual Function LED Lights, and the High and Low Dual Function LED Lights.  Get your pre-orders in now!


R-Series 46 – The all-new R-Series 46 Light raises the bar for Rigid Industries as its first circular light with all the superior output and technology Rigid is known for. This adaptive crossover sets itself apart from the rest with its curved lens, curved housing, crossbeam look, compact design, patented optics and advanced heat sink. Available in Spot, Hyperspot, Flood, Combo, Driving and Wide beam patterns and marine, the R-Series 46 is the total lighting solution. The World of Round Just Got Rigid.

“New, powerful, different and high performance!” 

Dually XL Series – Everything you expect from the innovative D-Series is now available in a bigger and brighter package. With its unbreakable polycarbonate lens, durable UV-resistant polyester powder-coat, stainless steel hardware, and vibration isolator, the Dually XL utilizes patented optics that project high intensity LED light with more output for use in any application.

“A bigger and brighter package than the original Rigid Industries D-Series Dually!” 


DOT/SAE Lights – DOT/SAE Compliant Street Legal lights are the Dually Fog light Set and the 6” E-Series Auxiliary High Beam Driving Light Set. DOT /SAE Compliant lights allow Rigid Industries to be used on-road and not just off-road.  

Our new Clarilux optical system provides an ultra-smooth 4 deg tall x 45 degree wide light beam which provides a wider, brighter and smoother beam pattern than has ever been available in a DOT and SAE compliant lighting system. The Fog Light set is compliant with SAE J583 and the Auxiliary High Beam Driving set is compliant with SAE J581.

“The new DOT/SAE Lights allow Rigid Industries to be used on-road and off-road.” 

E- Mark – Certified Lights – Rigid Industries LED Lighting now offers E-Mark Certified Lights.  The E-Mark Certification is a widely recognized mark in the automotive industry covering the basic safety requirements of motor vehicles and other related products within the European Economic Area.

“E-Mark Certified Lights – Powerful and Versatile!” 

Amber & White Dual Function LED Lights – Rigid Industries’ Amber & White Dual Function LED Lights meet the changing conditions with one light. These lights feature top row amber LEDs and bottom row white LEDs and includes a 2-trigger three-position rocker switch.

“A 2-trigger three position rocker switch LED Light that meets the changing conditions.” 

High & Low Dual Function LED Lights – Rigid Industries’ High & Low Dual Function LED Lights provide the option of high or low intensity LED lighting to suit any environment. These lights feature a three-wire harness, and the low, high, or off three-position rocker switch which gives you the option of running at full intensity on high power or 20% intensity on low power.

“The High & Low Dual Function LED Lights are perfect for all off-road situations!” 

Rigid Industries LED Lighting Awarded 2014 Export Achievement Award From the United States Commercial Service 

Rigid Industries LED Lighting, a world leader in forward projecting LED lighting, has been awarded the 2014 Export Achievement Certificate by the U.S. Commercial Service. Rigid Industries was recognized for their recent accomplishment by opening and expanding their markets in the Middle East.

To read more click here.

Rigid Industries Named 2014 Global Media Award Winner at the 2014 SEMA Show

Rigid Industries LED Lighting was recognized with the 2014 Global Media Award at the 2014 SEMA Show last week in Las Vegas for its 2013.5-2014 KTM LED Mount. Baptiste Guillevic of AutoBahn, a highly regarded journalist and publication from France, selected the Rigid Industries 2013.5-2014 KTM LED Mount to be recognized.

To read more click here.

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