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Rigid Industries LED Lighting was featured in Restyling & Truck Accessories, October, 2014 ‘Selling Innovation’ Feature Story.

Words by: Paul Pirro

As a business professional you want to make a lot of profit providing a valuable service to your client for a modest retail price point. With this thought, let’s concentrate on the future, which is right in front of you.

Generally speaking, most think of the aftermarket in relation to gizmos. For this article, let’s focus on the truck market, since, once again, the Ford F-150 is the No. 1 selling vehicle in the world.

Today’s vehicles are a very important part of your customer’s lifestyle and culture that revolves around technology, safety, convenience and the “cool factor.” It all began with simply adding window tint, wheels, tires and other times, such as lift kits.

Today, however, customers are focused on high-tech items to personalize their truck, to make it easier to use it for chores and light duty and standing out from the crowd, which is important for their self-esteem.


Think about your grandfather’s truck of the past. There was a clear objective and it was to drive from one point to another, or for light-duty or farm use. That’s no longer the case, as “connected” technology is now a popular choice.

Let’s look at lighting for instance. Remember neon in the 1980s and ‘90s? We now laugh at that technology, while current products offer multi-colored LED lights with increased flexibility. For customers who get bored and appreciate change. LED kits include color-change abilities using a remote control, or better yet, the user’s cell phone using an app. How cool is that?

Customers like accent lighting, so we can sell interior and exterior kits. For the interior, your shop can accent a switch that typically goes unseen at night, or simply accent areas under the dash or seats. This has become hugely popular and in turn, very profitable.

For this article, the featured forward-projecting LED lighting company is Rigid Industries LED Lighting.

Company – Rigid Industries LED Lighting

Product Rigid Industries 2010-2014 Ford Raptor LED Grille with RDS-Series 30” LED Light Bar

Key Features – Curved design matches the front-end of many truck makes and models. Custom two-bolt mounting system provides adjustability and strength in harsh conditions. Emits a 10-degree cone of light from each LED for a wider spread of light. Certified to IP-68 protection from water and dust intrusion, and MIL-STD-180G for shock and vibration. Unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and Tiger Series 38 UV-and abrasion-resistant powder coat.

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