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Seeing the Light 

Trucking Times Interviews Miranda Fuller, Director of Marketing at Rigid Industries to shed some “light”on the popularity of LED products in the aftermarket.

Words by Dan Sanchez


TTM: When did Rigid Industries get involved in the LED market and how have you seen the market grow from when it began?

Fuller: It started in 2004 but became the main focus in 2006 when LEDs were a proven authority in the field. The market has grown with the technology boom.

TTM: Why are LED lights so popular, and is the market growth keeping pace with demand? Or has it just exploded where everyone is trying to cash-in on it?

Fuller: Exploded with everyone trying their hand at it yes. And that is typical in trends and in the technology sector. It is the light source of compact superior performance but there are many levels of LED quality and how you use it that really matters.

TTM: With so many LED manufacturers on the market now, here and overseas, what’s the best thing a truck accessory retailer can do to partner with the right manufacturer?

Fuller: First choose quality. Take pride in your investment for the long term and partner with a product that won’t let you down when it counts, and a manufacturer that backs its product up with a good warranty and customer service department.  Second is safety. We are talking about electrical technology, circuit boards and wiring here. Research your investment with well tested components. Third but not last is durability. Our lights are made for the extreme racers, drivers, construction sites and weather elements. Thoroughly tested and proven.

TTM: Retailers also need to be knowledgeable about the types and degree of quality on LEDs. What do you recommend should be the key features they should look for in partnering with an LED manufacturer and in determining the quality of the products?

FullerReputation and pride in workmanship ultimately. Technically, tight LED binning and quality control from a reputable manufacturer. People throw the Cree name around and that is just not enough. Even Cree has knockoffs claiming they are Cree.  They sell about 30 levels of LEDs. Top shelf is all we spec. The human eye reads light color very differently. If we chose anything other than peak sunlight, it wouldn’t be read by the eye as light as bright.

TTM: Full LED light bars are popular with Jeeps and the Off-Road truck crowd. But are there other LED lights that truck accessory retailers can suggest to their regular truck customers who are not hardcore off-road enthusiasts, and simply use their trucks to tow, for work, and weekend camping or outdoor excursions?

Fuller: We have something for everyone. Our smaller lights are most versatile and used as back up lights, tow lights, area lights and even interior lights. Even the custom designed diffusion lens takes light and shoots it in 60-degree angles to flood the area around the light for optimal work and camp use.


TTM: Where do you think the LED light market is heading? More applications? Lower pricing? Higher technology?

Fuller: For us, the technology of the LED keeps getting better and the more advanced our PCBs and optical designs get and work together, the world is still our oyster! If our latest patented Hyperspot optic bar can throw light almost a mile, next design with even more souped up circuit boards could interfere with flight patterns!

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