SCORE 1 for Rigid!



Sanchez, Dan “Lighting the Way.” SCORE International Magazine. February 2015 Published: Pages 58-65.

Rigid Industries was recently published throughout an eight-page spread in the February 2015 SCORE International Off-Road Racing magazine. Rigid is the number once source in providing LED lights, which are considered the best selection over HID or Halogen.

Rigid employee Brett Carpenter says, “LED lights consume far less power than any other lighting type. This puts less strain on a race vehicle’s electrical system and allows the vehicle to have more light where the driver needs it, with less amp draw”. HID and Halogen require a large amount of power consumption compared to LED lights, and Rigid Industries is the company to provide those LED lights to your vehicle.

Our lights are proven to be the best due to their testing survival. “Our lights have been smashed, cut, hammered, burnt, frozen, slammed and dragged behind a vehicle, and none were completely destroyed”, says Carpenter. Rigid Industries have the toughest, and most rugged lights in the industry. There are displays throughout the company that displays are proud work. LED lights that have survived Baja rollovers still work, even thought they are mangled. When most vehicles hit a barrel cactus at 70 mph the front lights get demolished, but not Rigid Industries lights. “The front 40-inch nose light was wrapped 45 degrees into the nose of the truck and it still worked!” says Carpenter. Rigid is the most innovative, and creative in the LED light industry.

A perfect example of the creative side that Rigid Industries has is in the creation of the curved LED light bar. “The curved bar distributes the light in a 46-degree pattern, giving incredible distance and unbeatable spread for all speeds of desert racing” says Carpenter. This linear light bar is the legendary flagship E-Series™ light bar treated to a gentle arc, creating a curve in a 20”-54”extruded aluminum housing and packed full of Rigid Industries® Spot™ LED technology to produce an astonishing custom look for any car, truck or offroad vehicle. The curved light bar only exists at Rigid Industries.

Rigid Industries is the number one choice for LED lights. Rigid will keep creating new and exciting products that will continue to be executed and delivered to the world.




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