Ryan Beat


beat4Ryan Beat has raced in two of the most quickly and competitively developing classes within the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Ryan has successfully proven himself as a resilient and talented driver. This rookie has proven that despite adversity and obstacles he is undoubtedly a driver with limitless potential and innate talent.

Ryan Beat is a homegrown driver with past support from Osborn Racing, a family race team with a humble budget. Despite financial limitations, Ryan has optimistically entered every race of the series, he genuinely loves to drive and with a passion for motorsports Ryan has quickly become the underdog fan favorite. Ryan is a hard worker and has gained the respect of not only his competitors but race media as well.

Ryan has appeared on the CBS live broadcast for in race interviews, on the ‘Live on Dirt’ webcast, on AxtionTV and in Axtion Magazine. Ryan Beat is also a grounded driver who knows how to persevere, he puts racing as a top priority and will do anything to win.


Rigid gets the pleasure of catching up with Ryan before he speeds off to yet another race for the win!

Childhood Nickname: Rowdy

What are your superpowers: I can fly!

Who is the last person you texted: A girl… cant say which one the rest will get mad.

What was your favorite Christmas present ever received: A dirt Bike when I was 4.

What is the hardest part of racing: The emotional roller coaster of the highs and lows.

Whats the weirdest thing that’s ever happened with a fan: She wanted to make out with me. *Rigid Butts in here – Isn’t that a good thing?*

Until next time Ryan we will see ya at the races!




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