The Rigid Industries Roadtrip


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The Rigid Industries Road Trip

Contributed by Damon Flippo – Rigid Industries LED Lighting Event Coordinator

Recently, I was set out on a Rigid Industries road trip to stop by our California racers, their shops and visit our vendors to catch up and talk about all the exciting new things happening for the second half of the year.

At Rigid Industries LED Lighting we sponsor athletes so we can provide them with the best technology possible to make their job better and easier and allow them to torture test the lights and provide feedback and recommend ideas back to Rigid.

I visited Kyle LeDuc, Rebel Off-Road/Dirt Sports, Brenthel Industries, and Cops Racing Team. Let me tell you, these guys have some stuff up their sleeves that will blow your mind! Everyone I visited during my time in California greeted me with open arms and made my trip a successful one.

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My first stop was in Beaumont, California to visit Kyle LeDuc, driver of the number 99 truck in the LOORRS short-course off-road racing series. Kyle recently raced at the 2014 Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. He ended up winning rounds (7) seven and (eight) 8 in the Pro four (4) class. This guy has been dominating the competition this race season. He’s now won seven out of eight races this season. No wonder this guy is one of the best in the business! Once I arrived at Kyle’s shop, I first saw his Dodge car wrapped in sponsors and there was Rigid! I sat down and chatted with Kyle for an hour or so and he told me about how his racing season was going. His next race is on Friday, August 1 at the Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, California and he looks forward to a special race at Crandon as well in TORC. Kyle has the racing blood from his father and the incredible support and travel companions of his wife Amber and his son Reed which is all the more reason to push it to the limits and succeed this year.  Before loading up in my truck I decided to take a picture of the Rigid Industries Chevy in front of Kyle’s first class race trailer.

The next day, I drove down the highway and rolled the windows down to enjoy the fresh ocean air, before stopping at Rebel Off-Road/Dirt Sports. These guys are located in Laguna Hills, California. Let me tell you, that place is down right beautiful. I pulled in and immediately saw a Jeep Rebelcon with some Rigid Industries LED Lights on the front. Pretty cool stuff right there! Now these guys can make any 4X4 look awesome. They describe themselves as driven, knowledgeable and friendly. Just like at Kyle’s shop I walked around and explored their facility while snapping some photos and admiring what they have built. I came across the Dirt Sports van with Rigid lights lined up waiting to be installed. The guys at Rebel know what products to use and how to install nearly anything!

Brenthel Industries was my next stop during my Rigid Industries road trip. Brenthel Industries is located in Newport Beach, California, one of the best spots to visit in Southern California. The guys at Brenthel Industries build everything in 3D CAD before it starts into any production so it can be tested for geometry, fitment, stress or any issues that might occur before the part is put to use. Basically, they are rock stars at what they do. They design, fabricate and test some of the best trophy trucks, class 1 and prerunnners out there. I took another picture to add to my album for the road trip. This picture was the Brenthel Industries Ford truck next to a big fishing boat. Seeing the guys at Brenthel Industries was a success and we caught up over lunch.

My next stop was at COPS Racing Team located in El Segundo, California. I haven’t visited these guys a lot in the past but their facility was really awesome. Outside sat a huge COPS Racing team trailer, which they use to haul their cars and trucks. When I walked inside their shop the first thing I saw was a top of the line trophy truck being built. I have never seen a trophy truck during the building process and I will never forget it. I took a picture of the trophy truck to give everyone reading a birds eye view of what I saw.

Overall the road trip was insightful and a great experience. It is great seeing some of the people we sponsor at Rigid Industries LED Lighting in their normal work environment versus just at race time or events. I hope to be back on the road again to catch up with our other athletes we sponsor and our loyal dealers and builders that make Rigid a success.

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