Rigid’s R2-46 Combo and 2″x10″ DC Scene Lights



North Mississippi Storm Chaser – Jay Robertson has done it again!

As an informative 2nd part to our original post by Jay: Tornado Chasers Rely on Rigid

Keep checking back for a 3rd installment to this blog series by Jay as he utilizes his Rigid Industries LED Lights during his Tornado Chasing adventures across North Mississippi!

A Review of Rigid Industries R2-46 Combo LED Lights & 2″x10″ DC Scene Lights By Rigid Industries


Jay has installed and reviewed two of Rigid Industries’ newest products on the market today the R2-46 Combo Light as well as the 2″x10″ DC Scene Light.

In Jay’s original blog post he made the statement that his front light a Hella 500 series light had a horrible seal and was getting too much condensation under the lens and that light just wasn’t working correctly for his needs on the road. So Rigid came to the rescue with a brand new set of R2-46 Combo Lights for Jay to replace the Hella light with.



Jay even provides us some very useful comparison shots of Rigid’s LED Lights compared to the leading competitors out there:



Watch Jay’s great video here and see for yourself what makes the Rigid Industries R2-46 and LED Scene Lighting By Rigid Industries two of the top new products offered by Rigid this year.








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