Rigidcon’s Colorado Adventure Part 3


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Rigidcon’s Colorado Adventure Part 3!

Contributed by Steve Adams – Partner Rigid Industries LED Lighting

As a last trip before we headed home, we rounded up some Rigid Nation Members, got a new quad helicopter (remember part 1!), charged the GoPro’s and headed up to Kennebec Pass, CO in the La Plata Mountains.  If you have never been up into La Plata Canyon, it is a quick and easy trip.  It’s only about 30 minutes outside of Durango, but I swear once you’re up there, you would think you’re in the Swiss Alps.  The Jagged mountains, snow in July, 12,000’ jeep trails and enough yellow bellied marmots to keep the kids happy.

We got up to Kennebec Basin at about 7pm, and our goal was to get some incredible shots of what Rigid Industries LED Lights can do. Instead of being in the desert, we thought it would be cool to light up some 13,000′ mountains.  First thing we needed to do was get an aerial view of the area of this incredible place.

At the end of the video you’ll see some amazing pictures and I know what you’re thinking, but no, there is no Photoshop magic going on here.  Most of these pictures were taken with a 10-20mm Sigma lens on a Canon 70D at 2000 ISO, F6.5 (or higher) and 15 sec exposures.  Rigid Industries LED Lights speak for themselves; I don’t need magic to make them look great.  By the way, that is a single out of the box Rigid Industries SR2 50” Combo LED Light, shining up at least 4000’ and lighting up the clouds!  Just imagine what a Rigid Industries E-Series LED Light Bar would do!

Once we headed up the pass to the notch we thought we’d try something else out. My wife was still in town and in view of the notch (14 miles away), we called to see if she could figure out where we were. I don’t want to spoil it, so make sure and watch the video!

We then hiked up a short ridge only about 500’ vertical and incredibly my 7 year old son still had enough energy (and oxygen) to run around and make me very nervous.  After the short hike it was time to head back down to the basin and get some of the pictures you saw in the first video.  Running around the forest with about 85,000 combined lumens really takes the excitement out of a night run, unless of course, you are on the side of a mountain above timberline. With all that light we had no problem seeing where the side of the mountain/cliff was.  A night run above timberline was definitely a new experience to all of us, but it was one of the more incredible things we have done in Colorado.  The amount of wildlife that comes out on the alpine tundra at night shouldn’t be missed, especially if you can see it ¾ of a mile away with Rigid Industries LED Lights!

When I got back to the house, I couldn’t believe what I found on the front bumper; the winch had lost all its bolts.  The winch, fairlead and the 10” Rigid Industries LED Bar were held only by the wires!  So I have to say, Warn builds a hell of a product! It just goes to show, much like LED lights, when it comes to recovery gear, you get what you pay for!  I have no doubt a cheap import winch would have fallen off some where on the side of the road somewhere.  Nice job Warn!

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Later that week it was time to head back home.  We made it back to Phoenix, with only two blown out tires (between Shiprock and Gallup, of course) on the trailer.  The Jeep made it through a month of running around Colorado without missing a beat, but it can always be better…

Thanks for following along! Up next we will be talking about some of the (re)build details as Rigidcon gets ready for SEMA 2014.  Stay tuned, as we should be looking at a 300% increase in HP with a lot more goodies!



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