Rigidcon’s Colorado Adventure Part 2!

Contributed by Steve Adams – Partner Rigid Industries LED Lighting

This week we don’t have any cool pictures of lights shining on mountain tops miles away, but we do have another adventure where we meet some great Rigid Nation Members.

The day started off fairly benign with a drive up to Silverton, Colorado with a few friends. Once there, we picked up a “fine piece of machinery” (FPOM), a.k.a., POS rental Jeep! After being told “we don’t need window’s, it doesn’t rain in Colorado” (really??), we obliged, grabbed extra jackets and headed up to the hills.

First trail of the day was Ophir Pass. This particular trail offered nothing too exciting, but hands-down it’s an incredibly scenic trail – and a great trail for first time city drivers in the mountains! The west side has a great shelf road that wraps around the valley above timberline. It’s a simple trail, but still a fast way to get over the hill to Telluride while getting some great pictures along the way.

As we got into Telluride, we could hear quite a racket coming from our FPOM. We pulled over to take a look. Our trusty FPOM had lost a bolt, and it just happened to be the one that keeps the brake caliper on. You’ll notice in the pictures some incredible (non-Rigid!) engineering, but hey, it worked and held for another 60 miles!

Now part of this adventure isn’t just about the lights – it’s the wheeling, wrenching and eating. Our restaurant recommendation this week goes to “Baked in Telluride”. Yes… I know what you’re thinking…  “baked” in Colorado?  But it really is just a great pizza place hedged with incredible small town character. After burning down a couple years ago, they’re back in business and delicious as always.

After lunch and more bailing wire for good measure, it was time to head up Imogene Pass. This is a trail that should be on every off-roaders list. Let me say this again: this is a trail that should be on every off-roaders list! It starts right in Telluride and heads up the side of the mountain overlooking the town. There are some spots where the road drops off a couple thousand feet, and that would be exciting in itself, except it happened to be a holiday weekend with swarms of more FPOM’s running around. Most of the road is one lane so every time you pass someone, it’s an adventure. Once we reached the top (over 13,000’), we took pictures and let the kids play in the snow. Believe it or not, we met Rigid Nation members from all over the country out on Imogene Pass!

We headed down the other side to Ouray Mountain. Remember the statement from the beginning of the story, “It doesn’t rain in Colorado?” That’s partially correct. It doesn’t just rain, it hails! Talk about a good ol’ afternoon thunderstorm with hail, rain, and lightening. All that is good stuff…unless you’re above timberline!

Even having to navigate a storm and rockslide, Rigidcon and our FPOM got us to Ouray in time to catch the 4th of July water fight.  In the middle of town, the young and old(er) firefighters had a squirt gun fight, but not just an ordinary squirt gun fight. Theirs was with full pressure fire hoses! It looked like the entire town, and then some, turned out. These guys are tough! I couldn’t believe the force they were getting hit with and not falling over.

After some legit Ouray holiday fun, it was time to drag our FPOM back over the hill to Silverton. We brought her back and thanked her owner for loaning us such a FPOM. We headed back to Durango for fireworks and some DBC Blueberry Wheat. All in all, it was a great way to spend our 4th of July. Next time, a night run (and hopefully with a different rental Jeep)! Anybody in SW Colorado want to do a Rigid Nation night run?

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In closing, if you are the owner of that lifted Subaru GL, email us and we’ll get you some swag. That car deserves some respect! We have seen some unique cars all over the San Juan Mountains and that is one of the better ones! The only thing it’s missing is some lights. Email us, we’ll help. Pretty sure you’ll be the only Subaru Trophy Truck in the Rigid Nation!

Talk to you next week!




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