Rigidcon’s Colorado Adventure Part 1



Rigidcon’s Colorado Adventure Part 1!

Contributed by Steve Adams – Partner Rigid Industries LED Lighting

The past couple days we had the privilege of running around Silverton, Colorado with Rigidcon (2008 JK Rubicon with a full Rock Krawler/Poison Spyder treatment), along with another Tundra with a nice Rigid/Road Armor/ARE treatment.

Silverton has some of the most spectacular terrain in the 48 states. There are 10+ mountain passes over 12,000′, all maintained and supported by the local authorities.  If you’ve never made it up here, this area should be on everybody’s off-road bucket list. We had the opportunity to do a couple of these with a night of camping over 11,000′.

The day started with a drive up through Silverton, with a stop in Eureka and Animas forks for the kids to play.  These are both mining ghost towns, great fun looking through the remains of a once booming mining industry. From there it was up Cinnamon Pass (12,600′). Even during June there was still lots of snow.

From there we went down the backside and decided to camp in Burrow Park, just down from American Basin, CO. We camped at 11,200′. On such a clear night I thought it would be great to take some pictures and fly our quad helicopter. The quad helicopter didn’t work out the way I had planned. What I thought was a high altitude stall (13,000+) actually was the arm breaking off. I found it, but I couldn’t get it back on; it managed to stop at the top of the deadest tree I have ever seen. I got lucky though and the Gopro ripped off in the crash I got the footage!

With no more flying for the trip, I thought I should shine some light around the valley we were in. Below you will find some self-explanatory pictures. I have designed, built, and used these lights since day one, and it’s still amazing to get out and see what our team can get light to do!

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The next day, and once we warmed up (it was 25 degrees in June!), it was time to head down to Lake City.  We ran into another Rigid Nation member. It’s great to see and meet other people that run Rigid’s, especially when you run into them in the most remote places. Seems the Nation is everywhere! Going off topic for a moment, if you ever get to Lake City, CO. eat at Souther Vittles.  They have some of the best Creole food I have ever had, at 9,000’! After enjoying a great lunch at Southern Vittles it was time to go back to Silverton.

Engineer Pass was our route of choice.  It is slightly higher than Cinnamon at 12,800′ and just as incredible. The whole community really gets behind off-roaders up here, and that includes cutting the road through 50’ snow drifts so it can be used earlier in the year!  All in all it was a great couple days, with some incredible off-roading. Get up here, use those lights and see some places you can only dream about!.

This summer Rigidcon will be around Durango, CO for a month!  Over the course of that month we’ll have lots of adventures, customer visits, trail runs and other general fun to report on. The great news, if you happen to see Rigidcon around the area feel free to stop us and say hi; we love meeting other members of Rigid Nation!  If you’re running Rigid, we’ve got a box of swag we’d love to share as a thank you for supporting us!  We’ve already met some great folks around Silverton and Lake City that were amazed to see that we not only design and build the best lights out there, but also use our show rigs for fun!

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