Rigid Saves The Night!



“I drove the first 475 miles at the Baja 1000, I led for about half of my section, broke a wheel, got stuck in silt when I came up on some TT Spec and other Class 10’s stuck but was able to get out quickly and ended up about 30 miles from where I was to get out in 3rd place on the road about 2 minutes behind 2nd place and 10 minutes behind 1st place.  With 900 miles to go we were definitely still in contention.

All I had left was to make my way through Frog Canyon (for those Baja newbies its a very tight canyon with a lot of water crossings) and I was carefully picking my way through it, water splashing into the cab, soaking us and the car but nothing crazy. When I crossed the final water crossing and start accelerating up a long sandy gradual uphill wash ALL of the electrical in the car went out killing the lights.  Mind you this was at 11:30 at night in a very tight canyon.  To call it dark would be an understatement.  I couldn’t see the start of the hood it was so dark.  Luckily our motor was still running as well as the GPS (which is hard wired – what happened was the PDU got wet and shorted out everything except for the motor luckily). I couldn’t stop or I would have gotten stuck so I was going as slow as I could while still maintaining momentum and looking at the GPS for guidance. However this was not going to work as soon as I got back into the tight twisty stuff and out of this big wide sandy section. In the distance I see a little white light so I head towards it and its a broken quad rider who motions me over onto some bushes and relatively hard area to stop as he needed help.  He was Mexican and unfortunately I could much understand him but I motioned for his flash light so I could dig into our gear bags in the car (not even the dome light was working) and find our Rigid Industries flash light…

The light was soaking wet but I clicked it on and handed it to my co-driver and said hold this out the front of the car and don’t move it! We gave the quad guy his light back and for the next 10 miles I railed through this canyon and up along the rigid line with only our little Rigid Industries flashlight guiding us and I was not cruising either.  With 19 Class 10 cars bearing down on me I was not about to give back 3rd position and that light worked perfect.  It was bright enough to give me enough light to see what I was doing, light enough to be able to be held easily and not bounced around and strong enough to have already been in the car for 430 miles and soaking wet to still work perfectly.  About 3 miles before the pit the PDU finally dried out and the lights started flickering back on and the car came back to life and the flash light went back into its pouch and onward for the remainder of its 900 mile race.  Needless to say I was pretty stoked to be running your products at that point.”

-Travis Clarke, 2014 Baja 1000 Competitor




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