Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge Set To Kick Off Next Weekend


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Rigid Industries LED Lighting, the world’s leading manufacturer of forward projecting LED lighting, presents the fourth round of five races in the 2014 Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge September 24-28, 2014 in Imperial, California.

Held at the Coyne Powersports Motorplex in Imperial Valley, California, the Rigid Industries Score Desert Challenge will be conducted using the same format as the original SCORE events from previous years. 26 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and ATVs will be contested with the event split into multiple days.

The Rigid Industries 2014 SCORE Desert Challenge opens up the 2014 Desert Season with a bang. This great short course-racing event is a great way for people to enjoy camping around the Imperial Valley and Superstition area. The Big Air Shootout at the California Midwinter Fairgrounds is bound to be draw a huge crowd. There is $10,000 in prize money up for grabs at this exciting event.

To see who is coming to the 2014 Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge click here.

SCORE CEO and former desert racer Roger Norman said, “The plan is to have racing on Friday night [September 26th], Saturday morning, and Saturday night, with the awards ceremony at the finish of the final heat for each class onsite at the Monster Energy hospitality. This race is unique in that everybody has a chance to stay at a hotel or camp near the race site. Fans and racers can also bring their off-road toys and enjoy the Imperial Valley area in between races. We are very excited about expanding the legacy of the SCORE Desert Challenge, which was a very popular event in Laughlin for 18 years. Our goal is to create a new, improved version of the same great race in a different venue.”

On Thursday evening, September 25th, the Big Air Shootout for SCORE Trophy Trucks and other classes will take place at 8 p.m. at the California Midwinter Fairgrounds. This feature event is similar to the old Laughlin Leap, which was an integral part of the first 18 Desert Challenges.

The series will continue with a delayed broadcast of the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge on Sunday, November 9, 2014, 9 P.M. Eastern Time, on the CBS Sports Spectacular. Each race in the 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship and a special SEMA Show exhibition and qualifying for the 2014 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 will be televised in the USA and Canada as a one-hour special on the CBS Sports Network, which is available through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirectTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.

The toughest conditions on Earth are no match for the superior lighting and long-lasting performance Rigid Industries LED Lighting products provide. Rigid’s rugged and durable products are backed by a world-renowned warranty program and customer service by an American-made company located in Gilbert, Arizona.

About SCORE International:
 SCORE International is celebrating its 41st year as the world’s leading desert racing organization, known for its flagship event, the legendary Baja 1000, and the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the original desert race produced by SCORE in July, 1974. Founded by the late Mickey Thompson in 1973, SCORE continues today under the direction of Roger Norman, who purchased SCORE from Sal Fish in late 2012.

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