Rigid Industries LED Lights Appear on Discovery Channel


DailyPlanet-Post-1Rigid Industries LED Lights recently appeared on Discovery Channel Canada. During the channel’s scientific news show, “Daily Planet,” a Rigid Q-Series LED Light was shown during a segment focusing on security innovations.

During the first week of February, Daily Planet presented “Invent This!,” a look at some of the world’s most innovative and amazing inventions.

The segment linked below focused on John Adrian, inventor and security expert, and his high-tech home security system that utilizes Rigid LEDs to help catch intruders.

Adrian installed a Rigid Q2 Hyperspot onto a raised platform and integrated it as a critical component of his security system. At the 3:20 mark in the clip, the Q2 is utilized as an advanced security device to spotlight intruders attempting a break-in during a test of his system.


As you can see in the clip, the Q2 Hyperspot is specifically designed to prove a concentrated, spot-beam pattern for when bright light is needed at a maximum distance. And if you have a quick eye and know all things Rigid, you may spot a 20” Marine Combo LED Light helping protect an entrance gate in the clip as well.

Extremely durable and highly innovative, Rigid LED Lights are helping keeping homes safe and secure – just another of the many ways Rigid is lighting the way!




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