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Rigid Industries LED Lighting has been having a blast reaching out to our online customers who submit product reviews. Here’s a guest blog post from Mo Miri of Mukilteo, Washington. Mo has a 2014 Ford Raptor and recently purchased and tried Rigid Industries LED Lights for the first time. He has excitedly shared with all of us his awesome installation experience…

“Here’s a few words regarding my experience with these lights:

Mo Miri - Ford RaptorI bought my 2014 Ford Raptor after I saw one on the streets.  The appearance of the truck is very commanding on the road and the off-road capabilities are also very impressive.  After I purchased the truck I started investigating some after market options for extra lighting since during one of the initial off-road experiences I noticed the stock headlights were not sufficient for extremely dark roads.

I came across a lot of reviews and some pictures of the trucks equipped with Rigid Industries light bars and the videos really impressed me with the quality, durability and the appearance of these lights.  Sure, there were cheaper options out there, but comparing the number of lumens and taking into consideration the owner reviews I decided to purchase the following:

A Rigid Industries E2 40″ Combo Light Bar, which sits behind the upper grill and provides the hyper spot for distance illumination

A Rigid Industries E2 20” Driving Light Bar, that fits perfectly in the front bumper

A set of Rigid Industries D2 Wide Amber LED Lights

A set of Rigid Industries D2 Driving White Lights

The installation of the 40” LED Light Bar requires the purchase of additional mounting brackets that are specific to Ford Raptor Upper Grill Installation.  The installation was very simple and took probably less than 20 minutes with the major portion of the time being spent on securing the wire through the engine bay.

The installation for the 20” light bar requires another specific bracket: The E-Series 20″ Cradle Mount which also has to be purchased separately.  This installation requires removing the lower grill over, which comes out easily by removing the outer scores, and drilling two holes on the frame to install the bracket.  Positioning the frame to make sure the light will be level took some planning, but overall it was not that difficult and the installation took approximately an hour.

The D2 lights also require purchasing specific brackets: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Fog Light Replacement Kit  that are made specifically for the Raptor.  The brackets also come with the required wiring kit to install two D-Series Lights on each side of the truck.  The installation of the bracket requires a bit more time and planning since each bracket requires two different size holes to be drilled into the frame and aligning them to appear perfectly on both sides took a bit of planning.  After drilling the holes make sure the lights are installed to the brackets first and then mount the brackets to the truck frame.

Running the wires to the auxiliary switches that come in each Ford Raptor is a simple process.  The most difficult part is the mapping of the wires coming from the auxiliary switches to the wires that are run to the engine compartment as well as making sure the fuses for each set of lights are set correctly.  There are multiple videos on YouTube that provide complete details of this installation.

Mo Miri - Review on Website

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of these lights and I have already used them several times during my off-road adventures.  The difference these lights make are incredible and you can easily spot the wildlife about half a mile or more ahead of the truck.  Also, the lights have provided additional visual appeal to an already great looking truck.  I think Ford should make these Rigid Industries LED Lights as a factory installed option!”

– Mo Miri





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