Ballistic BJ Baldwin RECOILTWO Coming Soon!


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Get ready for the new and electric Ballistic BJ Baldwin RECOILTWO releasing on September 16, 2014. Surrounded by much anticipation and excitement RECOILTWO is bound to turn heads. BJ has already teased everyone with some new pictures and videos on his social media account featuring the RECOILTWO video.

The first RECOIL video received huge applause and made BJ’s fame even larger than it already was.

Ripping through the Mojave Desert at 150 miles an hour in an 850-horsepower Trophy Truck with 34-inches of suspension is just another day at the office for the Ballistic BJ Baldwin.

A dazzling young gal in distress with her diamond in the asphalt D-Sport automobile is soon rescued by BJ in his #97 Trophy Truck. The glitter skyline of the Las Vegas strip paints the perfect picture to the end of the first RECOIL video.

In case you missed the first RECOIL video check it out below. The first RECOIL video currently has nearly 7 million views on YouTube.

Be sure to check out BJ Baldwin’s social sites for the most up to date information on RECOILTWO.





More information about BJ Baldwin.

Baldwin is a 7-Time Off-Road Racing Champion and driver of the #97 Trophy Truck. He has acquired back to back titles in 2012 and 2013 of Baja 1000, 2011 General Tire Mint 400 Winner and 2011 Best in the Desert Series Champion. Other titles include: 2008 Baja 500 1st Place, 2010 Mint 400 2nd Place, 2010 Parker 425 1st Place, as well as being an 06′, 08′, 10′ and 11′ Trophy Truck Champion.

Baldwin is currently 5th in the 2014 SCORE Series point standings. He will be racing at the Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge and the 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.

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