FabFour’s Jeep Rebel Rubicon


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FabFour’s Jeep Rebel Rubicon

Contributed by – DUB Magazine August 2014 Issue

Writer – Deanne Deluna

Photographer – Fab Fours and Chris Corbett

Rigid Industries LED Lighting is featured in DUB Magazine, August 2014 Issue, Jeep Rebel Rubicon Feature Story.

Love it or hate it, Fab Fours’ 2014 Jeep JK Rubicon is polarizing. It makes you want to take your camera phone from your pocket and Instagram it because it’s that attention grabbing. But that was actually the intention of the build, mentions Greg Higgs, owner of the aftermarket company that’s known for their highly recognizable performance bumpers. “Love it or hate it; there’s no middle ground,” Higgs says. “But to the haters… Let it be known that the seed has been planted. You will resist, but it will grow on you… You have been warned.”

With the 4-door Jeep JK Unlimited being the absolute hottest thing going right now in terms of off-road project vehicles, Fab Fours knew they wanted a build that focused on style first and foremost, with an overall package that would “put a smile on your face” regardless if you liked it or not.

The design process for most builds is often tedious and long, but this one was fairly simple for the crew at Fab Fours, who decided to start with the 24” American Force Vector Wheels and build on from there. According to Higgs, Fab Fours was one of the first companies to put 24” wheels and mud terrain tires on a 4-door Jeep back in 2007 when they first arrived to market.

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“We caught a lot of flack for it back then, and still do now from the hardcore off-road community,” he describes. “Reality is, like many of our customers’ Jeeps, even if you love off-roading and it’s your number one hobby, most people are lucky if they can touch the dirt 8 days out of the year. The other 357, we are all sacrificing fuel mileage, a smooth ride and good handling just because [the Jeep] looks cool! It isn’t ‘posing,’ it is being realistic, and if you love the way it looks, the majority of the time it is worth some sacrifices in performance.”

Besides the unique look that the wheels provide the JK, you’d be blind not to notice the obscene amount of lighting the build has. Boasting three Rigid Industries 50” LED light bars on the roof of the JK, Fab Fours’ prototype roof rack is actually capable of having two more 50” light bars on the back of the vehicle. It also rocks four sets of Rigid Industries Dually lights (which totals eight) that place quite the strain on the Jeep’s battery, and that’s without its “high-performance sound system thumping thanks to friends at ARC Audio,” Higgs says.

No Fab Fours build would be complete without their quality body enhancements, with this particular project vehicle dressed up in their Full Metal Jacket Stubby front bumper with guard and modifier, prototype roof rack, rock sliders, and rear bumper with a tire carrier. A Skyjacker long arm 7” lift kit provides the height it needs to traverse over rough terrain, along with its Nitto Trail Grapplers. A Warn Zero winch, Bushwacker Flares, MagnaFlow dual cat-back exhaust kit and ARC Audio sound system complete the JK’s bold results.

Out of the nine fully built customs they have in their project vehicle arsenal, this one “takes the cake from a pure attention-grabbing perspective,” says Higgs. “It was definitely not the hardest build, but probably the most fun final product so far.” It was officially revealed at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT and received tons of attention.

“I parked it the whole week right across from a brewery,” he explains. “I caught lip from every person in town, each one registering to me as a small victory, for if I had parked a $140K Ultra4 out there, few would have noticed and none would have connected to Fab Fours. Our friends at Nitto started the rumor that it was Shaq’s JK, and he was in Moab, stirring up the activity on Facebook instantly!”

Thanks to this particular build, Higgs is actually working on a deal to start producing Fab Fours-themed Jeeps for sale with all the trimmings – allowing non-builders the chance to have a fully built ride without the work. And now the Fab Fours JK will be traveling the country, hitting consumer shows and making camera phones come out in full effect!

Bushwacker’s flat fenders provide the necessary clearance for the huge 24” American Force Wheels and 38” tall Nitto Trail Grapplers, while Skyjacker’s 7-inch long arm suspension lift system allows this Jeep to traverse any terrain.

Fab Four armor protects the Rubicon and its occupants from hits they may encounter during overland expeditions while (3) 50” LED light bars from Rigid Industries will turn any pitch black trail to brightly lit path.



• Fab Fours Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Stubby Front Bumper w/


• Fab Fours Rock sliders

• Fab Fours Prototype roof rack

• Fab Fours Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier

• (3) Rigid Industries 50” LED Light Bars

• (8) Rigid industries 2×2 Dually Lights

• Skyjacker 7” Long Arm Lift Kit

• Warn Zeon Winch

• MagnaFlow Dual Cat-Back Exhaust Kit for 4 Door JK RUBICON


• 38×13.50R24 Nitto Trail Grapplers

• 24×12 American Force Vector Wheels

• Bushwacker Flares

• ARC Audio sound system

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