Public Safety and Rigid Industries


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Public Safety and Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries police, fire, first responder, military and EMS LED lights have an advantage over strobe and rotating lights by being extremely durable, further light output and having extended lifespans that are up to three times greater than traditional lights.

Additionally, Rigid lights have 100% on/off performance with no warm-up time and feature optional colored LED’s, flasher modules and versatile mounting options as well. 

Rigid Industries provides a multitude of emergency lighting options for your fire and police rescue vehicles. With patented optics and a full line of different sizes of lights for anything from compartment lighting to the brow of the fire truck, Rigid has your solution. 

See how Kenny G. uses Rigid Industries LED lights.

Public service vehicles have very specific requirements when it comes to exterior lighting. Kenny has witnessed firsthand Rigid Industries’ lighting components extreme high output.

“Hands down, from all the other lights I have ever seen, there is nothing better, nothing brighter or stronger than Rigid LED lights,” Kenny G., Engineer, said.

Lighting is extremely important in the public safety business whether it is police, fire or rescue. Kenny has a responsibility to make sure the job gets done, no matter what.

“For the safety of my crew, the firehouse and the citizens. We trust in Rigid.” Kenny G. 

Check out the Police, Fire and Rescue Videos by Rigid Industries LED Lighting.

Featured Police, Fire, and Rescue Testimonials:

  • “A guy in a ford ranger led us on a 15 minute pursuit through 3 corn fields and ending with him losing control and driving off a 75 foot cliff into some woods. We would have never found him if it wasn’t for our rigid light. ” — Brad Cruse – Police Officer
  • “Just one light makes it look like the whole squad showed up!” – Anonymous Police Officer

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