PAC Racing Springs/Motor City Machines Dominates 2014 ULTRA4



The PAC Racing Springs Team was determined to go home with a podium win at the 2014 ULTRA4 Bandlands in Attica, Indiana. The type of race format used at the Ultimate Off-Road Championship (UMC) would cause the PAC Racing Springs team to run a vehicle in each racing class. They would end up calling on the versatile and competitive Scott Decker, a Canadian born professional off-road racer, who would take the right seat of the #4418 off-road racing car. Decker is what gives the PAC Racing Springs Team their overall swagger to get down and dirty.

The #4418 was revised for this particular race, including dropping the spare tire to support a more nimble setup. The Trail Ready wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tires would be just what the PAC Racing Springs team needed to compete for a spot on the podium.

The course at the Badland’s Off-Road Park was going to be short on traction and long on rocks. A combination of no traction and lots of rock makes it nearly impossible for the drivers to make sharp turns. Sharp turns at Badland’s Off-Road Park is what racers fear due to the possibility of crashing.

Race day opened up with a down pour, which added some drama to the mix. The strategy for the PAC Racing Springs team was to maintain the lead lap, but take the the lead every opportunity they could.

The #4418 would start in the 8th position, but on the first lap of the race the car would end up on its side of the main rock face. After losing a couple of minutes during recovery, the car would shuffle back a dozen or so spots. The decision was made to leave Decker at the rock face to help navigate that section on future laps.

Around the 4th lap the PAC Springs Racing Team was at the same spot they started in. During the 7th lap a pass in the rocks would put the team in 2nd place. With the great driving and command skills of Scott Decker, the team stood its ground.

When the clock expired, the PAC Racing Springs team was on top with a 1st place finish in the #4500 class and 2nd place finish in the #4400 class.

Check out the 2014 ULTRA4 Badlands Highlight Video.

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