My Rigid Story


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My Rigid Story

Contributed by Jerrett Lamb – Chairman/CEO JVL Real Estate/Rigid Nation Member

Hello Rigid Crew,

I have recently been browsing RigidLife and I noticed the blog post regarding “Becoming a Guest Blogger for Rigid Life.” Once I saw this blog post I immediately wanted to tell my Rigid story.

First off the custom build is not mine, it’s my wife’s but I will speak for her by saying this is one fine piece of machinery. I have provided some final shots of the Red, White and Wow – 10th Anniversary Custom JK Build. Thanks to our friends at Xtreme Outfitters, the custom Jeep was able to come together perfectly.

At first, my wife was kind of nervous about the Rigid Industries LED Lights. She really didn’t know what to expect. After she used the Rigid Industries LED lights for the first time, she was absolutely blown away. Every night she comes home from the ranch and says, you would not believe all the wildlife I can see with those Rigid lights!

This just goes to show how Rigid Industries LED lights can be used for any type of application.

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Below is a full list of all the Rigid Industries LED Lighting products used on the 10th Anniversary Custom JK Build – Red, White and Wow.

If you are interested in telling your Rigid Story, be sure to check out: How To “Become a Guest Blogger” for the official rules of “Your Rigid Story.” Then send your Rigid Story to

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