Welcome to the playground known as MOAB



Another Safari is in the books. The small Utah town of MOAB filled up with thousands of jeepers (among others) for a week long adventure – a tradition that the dedicated and enthusiastic have celebrated for the past 49 years knows as Easter Jeep Safari.


MOAB always amazes with its breathtaking views, challenging terrain and amazing hospitality, and this year was no exception.  Thousands of jeepers turned out with their trail armor in ready mode, tackling rock layer after rock layer. Whether you were a first-timer crawling along the gravel and red dirt with the occasional appearance of sandstone bedrock, or part of the elite crawlers traveling in more of the isolated areas ascending and descending rock ledges and canyon bottoms, the scenery, surfaces and obstacles were thrilling and probably one of the best 4-wheeling experiences had.


2Short, steep climbs. Watching wheel placement and fear for low-hanging parts. Hills that can’t be done on first tries. A trail with a rating of 9 that requires the best of equipment.  Did anyone mention the possibility of mud and quicksand? Hard core-challenges when a simple flop could easily turn into a multiple roll. 6






  Who’s in next year?  



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