Menzies Motorsports Joins The Rigid Torture Team


Bryce competing in the inaugural Frozen Rush

Menzies Motorsports is the latest addition to the Rigid Industries Torture Team of athletes. The Torture Team includes some of the world’s most successful racing teams, professional anglers and individuals who have earned distinction in their field of endeavor.

In the world of off-road racing, Menzies Motorsports has definitely done that. After only a few years of competition, the team has won several of the most significant desert races, a SCORE Trophy Truck Championship and multiple championships in Pro-4 and Pro-2 short course racing.

It’s no surprise then that a team so dedicated to winning would want the most technologically advanced LED lighting system available.

“I’ve been a big fan of Rigid for a while. Their products are first class and they are very pro-active with their marketing, something I like to see from my sponsors,” says Bryce Menzies. “I really enjoyed their Rigid Industries Torture Test campaign and look forward to working with them on some new campaigns, and of course, putting them in the winner’s circle.”

The exclusive three-year deal with Menzies Motorsports includes Rigid Industries branding on the team’s race trucks, pre-runners and chase/support trucks. Championship winning driver Bryce Menzies and short course legend Ricky Johnson will display Rigid Industries logos on their driving suits while competing in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) and SCORE International races.

Ricky and Bryce celebrate their first and third places finishes in the Frozen Rush.

Ricky and Bryce celebrate their first and third places finishes in the Frozen Rush.

Bryce will be in the LOORRS Pro-2 class and SCORE International’s premier Trophy Truck class. Ricky will be racing the Menzies Motorsports Pro-4 truck in the LOORRS short course series.

The 2014 season has already produced a win for Menzies Motorsports and Rigid Industries. At the inaugural Red Bull Frozen Rush in Newry, Maine on Jan. 10, eight of the fastest short course racers on the planet battled each other on a course that traversed the snow covered slopes of the Sun River Ski Resort.

Teammates were pitted against each other in their qualifying heat with Rick taking the win by only .2 seconds over Bryce. Ricky went to the final round where he took the overall victory.

Bryce beat Rob MacCachren to finish in the third spot at the unique Frozen Rush event. Ricky and Bryce used all wheel drive, studded tires and their Rigid Industries LED lights out front.

Welcome to the Torture Team, Bryce and Ricky! Rigid Nation wishes you both a successful 2014 racing season!





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