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Lost for a Reason

By The Years

In 2012 Ron Grace, co-founder of Lost for a Reason, a charity focused on helping children and families across the Southwestern part of the United States, had an idea that he turned into reality.

His plan was to make a dent in poverty and abuse. In 2013 those ideas and dreams of Ron came true. He held a fundraiser motorcycle ride and raised thousands of dollars in efforts to help families suffering from poverty and abuse.

Ron and his crew use Rigid Industries LED Lights on their motorcycles to guide the way on their fundraiser motorcycle rides. “Rigid has been a great sponsor and has helped in more ways than they will ever know,” said Ron.

This year Lost for a Reason has helped repair homes and domestic violence shelters for individuals across the Southwest.

Lost for a Reason has also purchased many supplies for foster kids and has helped with numerous other fundraising events in 2014.

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The Navajo People Need Our Help

The Navajo people are spread out across a total of 27,000 square miles in the Southwestern part of the United States. They suffer from starvation, poverty and barely have the basic needs to survive. Ron and his crew at Lost for a Reason have dedicated their lives to make sure the Navajo people are safe, have food and shelter.

“This is a bigger problem that we are almost ignoring. This whole 27,000 square mile land with 250,000 people that are starving and begging for help needs to be solved,” said Ron.

How it All Began

About 10 years ago, Ron and his wife were traveling through the Navajo Reservation and Ron’s generator in his motorcycle went out. They both sat there for nearly two hours before Darryl Curley, Navajo Police Officer, stopped by to help them. Little did they know, Darryl would share a very important story about the Navajo people, culture and what they dealt with on a daily basis.

“After my wife and I spoke with Darryl it planted a seed in us. We wanted to help at that very moment and make a difference in the Navajo people’s everyday life,” said Ron.

Before long Ron’s regular motorcycle trip to the Navajo Reservation turned into a truck and trailer trip, due to all the food and clothes being donated by sponsors.

Why We Give 

Lost for a Reason’s number one goal is to give as much as possible. Giving is the reason why this charity was founded; it’s the heart and soul of this foundation. Whether it’s building houses for the less fortunate, donating food or researching more efficient ways to help in the future, Lost for a Reason is focused and determined to give.

Ron isn’t one of those people who brags about their accomplishments. Ron stays in the background, giving and helping in everyway possible. “I don’t really like being in the spotlight. I like to use my motorcycle and sneak up with a box and drop it off, then ride off into the sunset,” said Ron.

As a father, Ron wants to make sure his children understand why giving is a very important part of life. “I love to teach my kids what a giving heart means,” said Ron.

The Future

“We visit the reservation about three times a year. As our charity grows we will be visiting the reservation more often. Currently we have about three or four projects ongoing with the reservation for 2015,” said Ron.

Ron wants to keep the funds going directly to the kids and families at need. Lost for a Reason is a great resource of help to the reservation. JJ Lewis, Director of Lost for a Reason, is responsible for making sure all of the donations stay on the right path.

“Lost for Reason for me is a way for to combine all the things I love. I love my wife, family, the people, traveling and motorcycles. It’s a way to make the land greater because I was there giving and making a difference,” said Ron.

Ron is on no time schedule. He travels around the country speaking and discussing various issues with the Navajo people. “Being able to sit down and talk with the Navajo people has made this a valuable experience to me,” said Ron.

Rigid Industries LED Lighting will be used on all of Lost for a Reason’s upcoming motorcycle fundraising adventures.

Lost for Reason is an ever-growing group of motorcycle riders, travelers, adventures and people who have a heart for giving and supporting other people. Lost for a Reason is an official 501c4 charity that focuses on helping children and families around the world.

To learn more about Lost for a Reason visit http://www.lostforareason.org/what-we-do.html

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