Loren Healy Wins the 2014 4WP Glen Helen Grand Prix


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Loren Healy, Rigid Industries Torture Team Member and driver of the #67 car, is the winner of the 2014 4WP Glen Helen Grand Prix #4400 class. He defeated Levi Shirley and 41 other competitors by a little over two minutes, making it a smooth finish to the victory line.


“Winning the 2014 4WP Glen Helen was an awesome experience!,” said Healy. This is the second time this season Healy has won at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA. He also mentioned that Glen Helen Raceway is one of his favorite off-road racing tracks.

Healy explains how he drove a brand new car in the Glen Helen Grand Prix. “We took a brand new car out with virtually zero test time on it, so it took a lot of work tuning and dialing the car in for the main race. Even then I think it was only about 80% of it capability,” said Healy.

Healy described how important Rigid Industries LED Lighting has been to his successful off-road racing career. “Rigid has been with me from the beginning, and has always supplied me with the best lighting options possible, they are the absolute best!,” said Healy.

Healy has won many off-road races this season including the 2014 King of the Hammers (video below) and Glen Helen (twice.) He placed 2nd at the NorCal Stampede, 3rd at the Badlands in Indiana and 12th at Arkansas RCV Ultra 4 Race. The win at Glen Helen has given him a pretty commanding points lead now.

Loren Healy – “Driven, Hungry, Humble!”

Unofficial Results of the 2014 4WP Glen Helen Grand Prix 

Place Name Nbr Time Scanned Laps
1 Loren Healy 67 40:10.3 20
2 Levi Shirely 81 42:16.1 20
3 Jake Hallenbeck 4775 42:31.1 20
4 Wayland Campbell 3 42:38.5 20
5 Jon Cagliero 27 42:55.1 19
6 Jason Blanton 966 42:58.4 19
7 Alex Hardaway 4481 45:09.4 19
8 Mike Bou 54 42:47.6 18
9 Todd Mccullen 4422 46:04.7 18
10 Andrew Mclaughlin 4493 43:29.1 17



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