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Rigid Industries Torture Team Members Liquid Fire Fishing Team provided an update on their September fishing tournaments.

Contributed by Mark Henderson – Captain – Liquid Fire Fishing Team

Hi Everyone,

I hope everything is going well. Before I dive into the September update from our team I would like to introduce all the new readers to the Liquid Fire Fishing Team.

Liquid Fire Fishing Team is based out of Cape Carteret, North Carolina and formed in May 2005. Since 2005 we have won multiple fishing tournaments and have placed in the top five consistently. The Liquid Fire Fishing Team includes:

Mark Henderson – Captain
Joshua Henderson – Co-Captain
Crockett Henderson – Angler
Audrey Henderson – Lady Angler

To check our 2014 fishing tournament schedule click here.

Now I would like to provide you a quick update of Liquid Fire Fishing Team’s activities during the last few weeks, since our participation in the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Maryland.

Our North Carolina fishing tournament season has begun, and we’ve had a nice start to the season. Below are the following finishes for the 2014 fishing season:

We had the honor and pleasure of sharing the day at the Bass Pro Shops Saltwater Fishing Expo in Charlotte, NC, with George Poveromo.  During the event, I was a featured presenter for an hour-long presentation, and we were able to set out our entire display with many Rigid Industries LED Lighting products.  We also were allowed to display our Intrepid 375TE CC Open.  It was an entire, exciting day of representing Rigid Industries LED Lighting.


Liquid Fire Fishing Team with George Poveromo.

The following link is to the Pleasure Boater TV show that has been running on Fox Sun Sports recently: (Our segment runs from the beginning of the show through the 3:45 mark.)

Also another cool update – New Liquid Fire Fishing Team uniforms have been completed.  You will see us wearing them in some of the photos during the Bass Pro Shop events.


New Liquid Fire Fishing Team uniforms.

Seven tournaments remain to be fished in our 2014 fishing season, including the King of the Cape KMT this weekend.

Be sure to follow Liquid Fire Fishing team on Facebook and their other social media websites.

Until next time,


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