Rigid Industries® LED Lighting Chosen By KAMAZ Master Team For 2015 Dakar Rally


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Rigid Industries® LED Lighting Chosen By KAMAZ Master Team For 2015 Dakar Rally 

Did you know, the name Kamaz is derived from the name of the local river Kama, which the city Chelny lies on and is the location of the team’s headquarters? 

Rigid Industries®, the world leader in LED lighting, will contest the 2015 Dakar Rally, starting January 4, 2015 in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. Rigid has been selected by KAMAZ Master Team, the world’s most productive truck team with 12 Dakar wins, as the team’s official lighting supplier.

“We have extremely high expectations when it comes to lighting used on the race trucks. One of the myriad keys to success in rally raids is maintaining average speed throughout daylight-time and nighttime,” Vladimir Chagin, Kamaz Master Team Driver, explained. “We’re racing with speeds up to 100 M.P.H. during the nighttime and the racer has to be comfortable with light output in order to maintain that speed. With Rigid Industries LED lights there’s no discomfort usually associated with nighttime and we’re extremely pleased with the product.”

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The first of its kind in the world of LED lighting, with patented optics and cutting edge technology, Rigid Industries is the industry leader in extreme light output, durability and maximum efficiency for powersports, off-road, marine, agriculture and multiple other uses. Rigid clearly demonstrated its superiority over competitive brands in tests conducted by KAMAZ Master Team, which led to the decision.

“We’re now entering a new era of lighting where LED lighting is replacing xenon. We have chosen Rigid Industries as an undisputed leader in LED technology with farthest-reaching light,” Robert Amatych, Kamaz Master Team Engineer, said. “ LED lighting technology has been around for awhile now. We’ve been observing this revolution for quite some time and now we feel the quality of LED lighting has finally reached the level where we feel comfortable making a transition from xenon technology to LED lighting. We did extensive testing of LED lights by the leading manufacturers in this field – we tested the lights out in the field, the labs, tested various combinations of lights, did thermo-tests, longevity tests, vibration tests, compared weights, etc. Test conducted in real-life conditions in Morocco with its very high temperatures, high vibration and very harsh environment yet again affirmed Rigid Industries LED lights as the best on the market.”

Broadcasted in 180 countries, last year’s Dakar was televised on SPEED Channel (now Fox Sports 1) in the U.S. and Canada. Television rights for the 2015 Dakar Rally have not been announced. More than 500 accredited journalists and photographers from around the world were on the Rally last year, with more than 1000 journalists on the rally route. They represented media from 35 countries, with 1,130 hours of TV broadcasting and 53 million web pages.

The toughest conditions on Earth are no match for the superior lighting and long-lasting performance Rigid Industries LED Lighting products provide. Rigid’s rugged and durable products are backed by a world-renowned warranty program and customer service by an American-made company located in Gilbert, Arizona.

About KAMAZ Master Team:

Created in 1988 by Semen Yakubov, KAMAZ Master Team is the Russian factory team which consists of five World Cup winners, eight Honored Masters of Sports, and eight International Masters of Sport. This is the most decorated lineup in the history of Russian motorsports. In 2011, KAMAZ Master Team took first through fourth place at Dakar, and in 2014, with a group of young drivers, once again won Dakar and also placed third.

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