Jon Detmer – 12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest Winner



Jon Detmer, winner of the Rigid 12 days of Christmas Facebook contest ride along with Justin Davis, sat down to tell Rigid how his trip will never be forgotten.

Contributed by Jon Detmer:

First off, I must say, I had the time of my life with the Rigid crew at the 19th Rigid Industries SCORE Desert Challenge in Imperial Valley, California. Those guys really made my weekend special. Without them, I would have never been on this trip in the first place.

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My trip started off early Wednesday morning on September 24th. I flew from Daytona Beach, Florida to Los Angles, California. The Rigid Crew weren’t scheduled to arrive in Imperial Valley until the next day. So, I decided to hang out with an old friend in the Los Angles area. We went to the beach, had some lunch and revisited some of my old stomping grounds. Needless to say, I love Southern California!

I took off early Thursday morning to Imperial Valley. Once I arrived, it was time for my ride along with Justin Davis. Wow, this guy can sure spin some tires! Brad Barker, founder of the Ride of My Life, filmed the ride along. Check the video out below.

After the ride along, I decided to grab some lunch before meeting up with the Rigid Crew (Miranda, Wendi, Brett, Giancarlo, Max, Wesley, Damon, and Matt.) Once again, hats off to those guys for this once in a lifetime experience. The rest of the day consisted of handing out brochures, lanyards and stickers to people who stopped by our spot.

Once nightfall came, it was time for the Big Air Imperial Shootout. I got lucky and viewed the entire event from the middle of the racetrack. No lie, I had the best seat in the house!

Friday consisted of interacting with more people and hanging out at the Monster Energy party. The SCORE Trophy Trucks on Saturday night was what I was looking forward to the most. BJ Baldwin is one of my favorite racers, so it was pretty cool seeing him race live.

If I had to describe the trip in one word it would be “amazing.” One funny thing I would like to mention is when the winner of the contest was announced. Rigid Industries posted the Rigid 12 Days of Christmas Ride Along with Justin Davis winner as Joe Detmer. I immediately started to Google “Joe Detmer” funny thing is there are actually people named Joe Detmer. Come to find out it was a typo and I, Jon Detmer, was the official winner.

In closing I want to thank Rigid Industries LED Lighting, SCORE International Off-Road Racing and the crew at Rigid Industries for showing me the time of my life.

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