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Jerett Brooks, Professional Short Course off-road racer, and driver of the #77 Synergy Electric Pro-Lite Truck, is looking to finish off the 2014 off-road racing season strong. Raised in Alpine, California, Jerett has developed a very competitive racing edge at only 17-years-old.

The 2014 season has been very successful for young Mr. Brooks, as he is currently leading the Pro-Lite points standings going into the final TORC Series race weekend at Crandon, Wisconsin. Jerett’s 2014 season in the TORC Series has been highlighted by wins at the “Duel in the Desert” at Primm, the “Showdown in Charlotte,” and most recently at “The Battle at the Chip” in Sturgis.

Jerett recently sat down with Rigid Industries to talk about the 2014 off-road racing season, his hobbies and his future in off-road racing.

“Rigid: What drives you to compete in off-road racing?

Jerett: Without a doubt, the adrenaline that flows through my veins is what drives me to compete in off-road racing. There is something about going door to door with someone and flying 200 feet in the air. That feeling is irreplaceable.

Rigid: Briefly describe how your off-road racing season has gone this year.

Jerett: The 2014 off-road racing season has been great. My truck has been on the podium in every race so far and I am leading the points coming into the last round at Crandon, Wisconsin.

Rigid: What are some of your upcoming off-road racing events?

Jerett: The last upcoming event for the TORC series is at Crandon, Wisconsin. Then I will be finishing off the season by racing in Las Vegas and Lake Elsinore in the LOORRS series.

Rigid: What are some of your hobbies besides off-road racing?

Jerett: Outside of off-road racing I enjoy riding my stand-up jet ski at the river and riding pit bikes through trails.

Rigid: How long have you been off-road racing?

Jerett: I have been off-roading for 6 years. I started off-road racing in a trophy kart. At 14-years-old I made my debut in the TORC series Pro-Lite Class.

Rigid: Describe what it means to be a professional off-road racer?

Jerett: I don’t really look at myself as a professional off-road racer. I’m just having fun while trying to make a name for myself.

Rigid: What are your future goals in off-road racing and where do you see yourself in 5 years from now in the off-road racing sport?

Jerett: My main goal in off-road racing is to win a Championship in a Pro class. In the next 5 years I want to try and move into a Pro 2 Class and run my own professional off-road racing team.”

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