Jeep Wrangler Back-Up Lights Using Rigid Industries SR-M Flush Mounts


Recently, one of our loyal Rigid Industries LED Lighting employees recently changed out his Jeep Wrangler back-up lights with SR-M LED lights. This is his summary of the install:

If you are like me, you know that one of the worst issues with a Jeep is the fact that you can’t see a darn thing when backing up a night. Those back-up lights in the stock tail lights just don’t cut it. Add to that an oversized tire, and you have a blind-spot nightmare.

SRM LED Back Up Light

Step 1

I decided it was time for a quick mod using
Rigid SR-M Diffused Flush Mounts LEDs. The 60 Degrees Diffused Pattern should be just enough to kick out a good amount of light on the sides. And with the AMP draw being so low, I knew that tapping into the stock backup leads would not be an issue.

For me, I had an extra set of tail lights ordered just to try the install out before I cut into the lights on my Jeep.

Step 1:
This was simple enough as all I did was put the rubber gasket on the stock tail light and trace out the inside cut for the light. I cut small leaving plenty of room to open up the hole as needed for a tight fit.

Step 2:
Step two was to carefully open the hole up with a Dremel Tool. The plastic was pretty easy to round out just using a sanding drum.

SRM LED Back Up Light

Step 2

Step 3:
Mounting the light was a breeze. It wouldn’t hurt to add some silicon rubber gasket to help seal the light. You can also cut the back part of the stock light to help you get to the mounting nuts and bolt.

So, that’s pretty much it. It takes two easy steps and about an hour of your time to make sure you don’t run into things at night! I also like the fact that now everyone knows when I’m backing up!

The fitment is pretty killer as it exactly covers up the white lens part of a stock taillight. It provides a super simple and super clean look that MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

SRM LED Back Up Light

SRM LED Back Up Light




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    • The correct answer is to use a direct battery power source to a relay and have the factory reverse circuit trigger the relay. This will isolate the load of the rigid lights separate from the factory reverse circuit.

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