Rigid Industries IR-Series Lights in Action!


IR LIGHTS BANNERRigid Industries LED Lighting IR-Series lights are here and in action!

The recently released Rigid Industries LED Lighting IR-Series lights use special configurations and optics to provide a high-powered, stealthy IR light source. The IR-Series produces a beam of energy at 940 nanometers, which is considered invisible energy. Therefore enhancing night vision ability for military personnel, public safety, and security services using this IR Technology. Get your IR Infrared LED Night Vision so you can see them before they can see you.

Check them out below.

For more details on the Rigid IR Infrared Night Vision LED Lights, please click here.

“WARNING. IR emitted from this product. Avoid eye exposure. Use appropriate shielding or eye protection.” 

IR E-Series Lights

4″ E-Series IR Combo #104392

10″ E-Series IR Combo #110392

IR D-Series Lights

Dually Spot IR #20129

Dually Spot IR Set/2 #20229

D2 Drive IR #50139

D2 Drive IR Set/2 #50239

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