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GAFF Magazine – April/May 2015 Issue – “Invincible Boats”

Invincible boats | Rigid LifeInvincible boats | Rigid LifeFreeman Boatworks is taking the catamaran market by storm. With current models ranging from 29 to 37 feet, they have become a favorite among serious anglers. This year, at the Miami International Boat Show, we revisited a hull we were already familiar with: their current flagship, the 37VH. This time, we were aiming to test a brand new 37VH custom built for our partners over at Huk Performance Fishing Gear. This cat was classically Freeman, but fully customized by Huk for their specific needs. The Freeman style cat is a no-compromise catamaran, built to handle big seas in comfort and safety, giving you the ability to fish in almost any condition. The substantial freeboard on the 37 and dual-stepped planing hull (for more information on this, check out GAFF April/May 2014) provide a dry and stable ride. Freeman boats are built to fish, with integrated tuna tubes in the transom, a massive coffin box up front, an unobtrusive Ttop, and enough live well space for a small aquarium. Huk chose Freeman for their unrivaled performance Invincible boats | Rigid Lifeand dedication to building fishing rigs. They personalized their 37 to do what they do best: fish and enjoy friends and family. Huk’s Warbird will catch your eye in a sea of the average. Wrapped in bold fish scales and marlin graphics, and sporting quad Yamaha 300s, a FLIR system, a substantial Rigid lighting package and rear-facing, racing designed seats aft of the helm, which flank a large Simrad unit – it defines unique. Stepping aboard, there is no doubt this is a fully customized boat and it is markedly different. Drew, from Huk, walked us through the layout they chose. Their goal was to have uncompromised fishing ability and comfort for their team to fish and entertain. He explained that the unique rear-facing seats were chosen to allow everyone a place to sit for the ride out and back, and while trolling. This could not be a more welcome departure from the beanbag. The two rear seats match the helm seats, are heavily bolstered and provide the essential lateral support that makes a long run to the fish comfortable. Between the aft-facing seats is a Simrad NSS2 Evo. Drew explained how much easier it is for everyone in the cockpit to be able to simply see where they are, rather than constantly asking, “How much further?” Invincible boats | Rigid LifeThis screen is linked to the helm screens but can be modified and adjusted separately. It can also control the no-expense-spared sound system, again avoiding requests for a change of the tunes. The remote station is both convenience and entertaining, but most importantly, its proximity to the action while fishing is awesome. The Warbird is also one of the most well lit boats on the water. Freeman and Rigid Industries came together to redefine boat lighting. Traditional boat lighting can be a huge hassle when it comes time to change a bulb or a corroded housing. Rigid Industries LED Lighting has brought the next generation of lighting to the marine industry. Rigid LED marine lights are constructed with marine grade stainless steel hardware, an aluminum housing, and polycarbonate lenses, eliminating the need for regular maintenance. With a LED lifespan of over 50,000+ hours, you know you won’t have to worry about changing bulbs anytime soon. We had the opportunity to test the Rigid setup both offshore and in a docking situation. The brilliance and clarity of the LEDs were a welcome departure from the traditional lights we’re accustomed to. Freeman continues to impress us with their attention to detail and uncompromising approach to a fishing boat. Huk has pushed them with the Warbird, producing a uniquely customized boat that exactly meets their needs. We are excited to see the next step in the Freeman story. For more information on the Freeman 37VH, check out the April/May 2014 issue of GAFF.



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