Interview with Eren’s Addiction Too


Rigid had the optimal opportunity to catch up with the loving Husband & Wife pair from Eren’s Addiction Too!


The Eren’s Addiction Too Fishing Team began as a passion between two people for off shore fishing. Jack and Eren soon turned that passion into titles by winning SKA Division 3 South Carolina titles in 2007, 2008 and 2011. Soon after the team joined forces with their SKA friends Randy and Amelia, who had won titles in 2006, 2009 and 2010. The Erens Addiction Too Fishing Team proceeded to have two top five finishes on the 2010 Pro Tour and finished 2011 in 9th place overall. The team has recently been added to the Mercury Pro Team for 2012. 

SKA Division 3 South Carolina Titles in ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, & ’11


Rigid –Who is your idol?

Jack: My dad! My dad is 91 years old. He’s a former Marine and WWII Vet having served in the South Pacific to include Iwo Jima.

Eren: I have no idols – no one is perfect, everyone is human and there are qualities in each of us that are to be admired.  I enjoy people that are comfortable in their own skin.

Rigid – What part of your routine is most important to you?

Jack: When I load my boat, I follow a check-list. I’ve been tournament fishing for 12 years, but I always follow my check-list.

Eren: Routine has been key to our success.  Everyone on the team being comfortable in their role and doing the exact same thing each and every time the strike hits.  It’s not a good time to discuss who is going to angle, gaff, drive the boat, etc, when the rod starts screaming.  Organization is also key- a clean deck on the boat and we keep equipment in the same spot every time for easy & quick access in the heat of the fight.

Rigid – What are your superpowers?

Jack: Ha! None! I could use some…

Eren: Realism w/ a hint of eternal optimism, and a good feel for reeling in king mackerel!

Rigid – How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Jack: I’ll break this down, I own at least 3 pair of flip-flops and probably 7 pairs of various Sperry boat shoes.

Eren: I Hope I’m not the only girl answering this survey… and hope the men don’t answer more… 48 (11 are flip flops).

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