Interview with Brandon Arthur


The Rigid Team had a chance to catch up with Torture Team Fav Brandon Arthur and got down to business on some of the more important perspectives of his life:

Brandon Arthur – 17 year-old power house, racing the Pro2 in LOORRS and a Trophy Truck iin the SCORE.

Brandon has already achieved two championships and a rookie of the year award. A fan favorite, he won the 2012 HDRA, 1400 championship in what was originally his grandfather’s farm truck. In 2013, he ran select races in his newly built HRT Motorsports Trophy Truck capturing a victory in its first time out. 

Who is your idol: I grew up watching Robby Gordan and BJ Baldwin.

Good luck charm/ritual before a race: My dad talks smack to me to get me excited.  

What are your superpowers: I can fly.                                     

What did you give your dad last Father’s Day: An empty check book, I went and got parts to go racing.

Are you a good cook: I can cook Top Ramen and scrambled eggs.

What is the hardest part of racing: The hardest part of racing is pushing the limit but still being able to be in control.






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