Ronnie Renner’s Hot Wheels Ambulance


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When it comes to unique custom designs, nobody does it better than PCW Brands, Inc. Whether its custom cars, trucks, or even an ambulance, PCW Brands, Inc. is sure to pimp someone’s ride. Ronnie Renner, who is well known in the motocross circuit and the freestyle world, received a unique gift from PCW Brands, Inc.

PCW Brands, Inc. fully designed this custom build to fit Ronnie’s everyday needs. The top custom rails were made for Ronnie to put his motorcycle and bikes on. There is no doubt that this vehicle will get Ronnie where he needs to go and especially with what he needs to take with him.

The folks at PCW Brands, Inc. made sure that Ronnie has plenty of room for all of his equipment. However, this custom build would not be complete without the custom sirens and loudspeaker.

Since Ronnie’s favorite color is orange, which fits his personality quite well, they made sure to detail the entire custom build with enough orange so it can match with all his other vehicles.

Without a great quality and reliable lighting source, how could people see this big thing coming? Ronnie chose Rigid Industries LED Lighting for his custom build with some Q-Series LED Lights, E-Series LED Lights and D-Series LED Lights.

The Q-Series LED Lights are located on top of the custom rails, which can light up the entire side of the build and more! The two E-Series Combo LED Light are located on the front rail to give Ronnie plenty of light going forward. Last but not least, the D-Series Dually’s are located on the front side rail to give lighting source from the side.

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All of the Rigid Industries LED Lighting products give Ronnie the ability to see everything on and around his truck when he is loading and unloading his racing gear, or just hanging out meeting fans.

The “Loose Program” logo is embedded on the side of Ronnie’s custom build. The Loose Program is Ronnie Renner’s extreme sports filming business that was founded in Southern California. The SoCal based crew of two professional wheel shredders build, ride and film together.

Ronnie’s custom build is all wrapped up with a Hot Wheels logo and is ready to go! All of Ronnie’s sponsor and supporter’s logos are sealed on the custom build.

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PWC Brands, Inc. is glad that Ronnie was super stoked about his reveal. Ronnie let his Instagram followers get the first look at his “Loose Caboose.” PCW Brands Inc. likes that Ronnie has named his custom build “Loose Caboose,” but they will refer to it as “Ronnie Renner’s Ambulance.”

Be sure to follow Ronnie Renner on all of his social sites as he travels around the county in his custom built Hot Wheels Ambulance.

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