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Contributed by Jessica Pulido – Owner – OMG Goodies

With monsoon season among us all, why not pick up the Halo LED Flashlight this thing really turns night into day in an instant!


Rigid Industries is the leading company for LED lights and LED Light Bars. The Halo 800 Lumen Flashlight is another of the amazing products Rigid Industries has to offer! Oh My Goodies, I love this light more then others I have tried.

My Thoughts-

With the Holidays so close and winter around the corner, the nights will be darker and our husbands will be pulling out the flashlights. If your husband is anything like mine, his hours at work are all over the place. Working days one week, nights the next. The one item that is a must have no matter when he works is a bright flashlight. Being a blogger, I am always keeping my eye out for the latest and brightest product! Lucky for my husband, I had the chance to review an amazing LED flashlight from Rigid Industries.

Growing up I never knew there was more than one flashlights. Never did I know that you can get a flashlight that is brighter than others. I knew you could get spot lights that were a whole lot brighter than a flash light. When I met my husband he told me how he wanted an LED flashlight. I had to ask him what it was. He told me it was a light that was made using LED and that it was much brighter then normal lights. Then I had a chance to review a LED flashlight in 2013. I was blown away by it. The Nite Ize T5 was so much brighter than the normal flashlight I had around the house. I thought it was one of the best LED flashlights. I was wrong…..very very wrong.

One day I had an amazing friend over at my house, she was telling me about the company she worked for as well as the products that they offered. My husband was drooling over her words. When I found out Rigid Industries had a flashlight, I let it be known I would LOVE to review it for them. My husband on the other hand was amazed to learn about the LED Light Bars as well as the other amazing products Rigid had to offer. My friend pulled out her phone, found a video, had my husband and I watch it. This is that video.

For video click here.

After I watched the video, I was sold. I love products that can hold the test of time. Watching the tests that Rigid Industries does on ALL the lights they make, blew my mind. I was on the edge of my seat watching it. Ladies, if your husband has been wanting a new Flashlight or even LED light bars on his truck or his toy, I suggest you show him that video.

When I received the Halo 800 Lumens Flashlight, I had to test it out against the Inova T5 Nite Ize LED Flashlight. Pictured below is the Inova T5 in a dark room (top photo) The bottom picture is the Inova T5 Nite Ize next to the Halo Flashlight by Rigid Industries (bottom photo).


After playing with both LED flashlights, I was amazed to see the difference of each compared to each other. Here are the specs compared to one another.

Nite Ive Inova T5                                          Rigid Industries  Halo Flashlight


High- 672                                                     High- 800

Medium- 213                                                Medium- 500

Low- 27                                                       Low- 200


Modes of Operations:

High                                                            High

Medium                                                       Medium

Low                                                            Low

Strobe                                                         Flasher

Momentary High Modes                               SOS Strobe (Morse Code)


LED Life Span:

33,700 hour LED Life span                           50,000+ hour LED Life Span



3-Inova 123A 3V Lithium Batteries                1- Li-Ion 2400MAH 3,7V


Battery Price: 

2pack $5.99                                                 Single Battery $11.99

6pack $17.99



Limited Lifetime Warranty                            Limited Lifetime Warranty


Price of Flashlight:

$124.99                                                       $99.95

After comparing these two LED flashlights, there is no comparison on which one I would be purchasing again. The Rigid Industries Halo LED Flashlight has my vote. Not only is it smaller in size, it has an amazing weight to it, comes with everything my husband needs to use it at home or on the road. I love that it has one battery. I love that I can purchase extra batteries from Rigid Industries. I love that the LED light will last for over 55,000 hours! I love that when my husband is on the road, he can use the car charger to charge his battery for the Halo LED Flashlight.

If I had to find a con on this product, it would be that it doesn’t come with belt pouch for my husband. As well as only coming with one battery. If it came with two, that would be ideal. I love the price of the Halo LED Flashlight. At the price of $99.00, I will be getting a few for our survival packs as well as my father!

After reviewing the Halo LED Flashlight and fell in love, my husband has decided we will be ordering more products from Rigid Industries. We will be purchasing one of the RDS-Series Light Bar, Dually Spot Light as well as so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Rigid Industries and take a look at the Halo 800 Lumens LED Flashlight as well as all the other amazing items they have to offer! I run Rigid’s… Do You?

About Halo 800 Lumen Flashlight-

The Rigid Industries Halo Torch is one of the most powerful, most versatile LED flashlights on the market today. It offers five modes of operation – High, Medium, Low, Flasher, and SOS. The Halo combines the latest in US-made LED’s with a machined aluminum reflector to achieve extremely high output in a small package.

The Halo Torch has a nice wide beam for area illumination and, when set to High, it produces 800 raw lumens with a focused center that projects 1,000 feet. At roughly the same size as a Mini Maglite®, the Halo Torch has almost 10 times more light output. The Halo can run for almost 3 hours on a full charge and is impact and water resistant. This kit includes a rechargeable battery and both a 110V wall charger and an AC/DC 12V charger for your vehicle.

Here are a few of my other favorites from Rigid Industries!

RDS-Series – Apex of form and function

RDS-Series- This linear light bar is the legendary flagship E-Series™ light bar treated to a gentle arc, creating a curve in a 20”-54”extruded aluminum housing and packed full of Rigid Industries® Spot™ LED technology to produce an astonishing custom look for any car, truck or off road vehicle. The RDS-Series™ is the apex of form and function. Rigid Industries® RDS-Series™ is another first for the LED lighting industry and has been in testing and pre-production for the last two years and was first tested by BJ Baldwin as seen on his trophy truck at Parker 300 in January 2012. Since that time, Rigid Industries’ engineering team has been through numerous design changes, incorporating multiple patent pending utility and design features. The RDS LED light bar transforms the rectangular light bar Rigid Industries created, which became a phenomenon in 2006, to give this futuristic design sleekness and offer its customers an increased light spread. The world is curved, match it.


Big Power in a Small Package – The Rigid Industries D-Series LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. It produces extremely high output while consuming very little power. Its compact size and shape allow the D-Series LED Light to fit almost anywhere and be used for virtually any lighting application. The D-Series Duallys have gained steam in use as fog lights, scene lighting applications, as well as marine spreader lights. The Duallys with Amber LEDs have proven that when used as fog lights they help to cut through the fog, dust, dirt, or even water.

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