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Help Support H.R. McAdams

The staff here at Rigid Industries has grown into an amazing family. We grow together, support one another, and come together for common good every day. When one of our families falls ill and needs our support, we step up our game and become their nation. Let’s help support our fellow brother in his battle to fight Prostate Cancer.

Click here to make donations. (All donations & purchases will go to fund H.R. McAdams and his family to assist in payment for his extensive medical & ongoing treatment bills.)

Rigid Nation supports #HRNation

More about H.R.

H.R. is happily married to his Wife Denise, for ever and ever and always. He has three amazing children, Janae, Tyler and Jacob.

H.R. is also a proud grandfather to Ashtyn, Hunter and Conner; with a fourth grandchild, Harper, due in late November.

He started working at Rigid Industries in July 2010 and has loved every day since.

“I love managing the Warehouse and Shipping teams. Rigid is family.” – H.R. 

“Make a plan to be nicer and more positive today than you were yesterday. Plan it. Do it. Pay it forward. Every day.” – H.R.

Raise Awareness – Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men (after skin cancer), but it can often be treated successfully. More than 2 million men in the US count themselves as prostate cancer survivors.

For more information about raising awareness click here.

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