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Race car or trail rig? It’s the dilemma a lot of us face. Most all of us make a lot of sacrifices just to afford one car, how do you afford two? Instead, why not have one car that can do it all? If you can afford to build then you can afford this rig as a “Do It All” option.

Editors at CRAWL Magazine showed the world how a racecar can be converted into a trail rig. They used their CRAWLmerica racecar to demonstrate how quick and easy this could be accomplished. Crawlamerica racecar is a desert racing trophy truck, moon buggy-style cone dodger, Ultra4 car for rocks and deserts and a trail rig for the weekend. Basically, this car is the all in one.

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First, they packed on a Trail Gear plug-in kit where the spare tire usually sits. A gear rack with a small trunk and room for a cooler and camping gear was also inserted. The gear rack was removable so that the spare parts can be accessed if necessary. The cooler and camping gear was just the beginning of unique accessories to this fine piece of machinery.

Next, to the PRP seats they added seat heaters, and headsets so the driver and passenger could talk and listen to music. This was not only added for recreation but for a better racing experience. Now drivers and racers can communicate easily at any speed. A port was incorporated in the dash to recharge a LED flashlight and iPhones. Listening to music and charging your phone has never been more accessible after these handy installs.

Affixed to the buggy was Rigid Industries LED Lighting; a E-Series 10” LED light bar for the front bumper, a E-Series 30” LED light bar for the roof, and D-Series Duallys for rock lights. When trail wheeling, the Rigid Industries LED Light’s put out a lot of light without taxing the electrical system, and they look very cool.

Last, the CRAWLmerica buggy’s Yukon racing spools were traded for a set of third members Grizzly lockers for trail wheeling, the only deviation from trail wheeling being the welding of ring gear bolts to the carrier to eliminate any chance of them coming loose. If you have ever driven a 4X4 with sticky tires around a dry pavement, or slick rock, then you will understand why we put a set of third members Grizzly lockers on there. Now their rig can ‘do it all’ – racing and recreation all in the same car.

CRAWLmerica is now ready to get tested on some of the toughest trails in America. Its first test was the 2014 King of Hammers race. Top 10 finisher, Matt Messer of Trail Gear, put the car on the podium with a 2nd place finish just minutes out of first and over half an hour in front of the rest of the group.

“Today was the first day that I was able to see and sit in the car and it fit like a glove!” said Matt Messer.

The car will be used throughout the next year in a variety of events and driven by different drivers based on their special skills. CRAWL Magazine will be announcing the events as they grow near and readers and fans will certainly be surprised.

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