Dodge Ram Post SEMA Build


Dodge Ram Post SEMA Build


Since 1981, the Dodge Ram has won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award five times. These awards are self-explanatory: the Dodge Ram is a very popular buy among truck owners around the world. The Dodge Ram was developed to tackle any type of weather environment including rain, sleet or snow. With its “get the job done, no matter what” attitude, the Dodge Ram is one of the few trucks that can do just about anything.

One of those jobs was on full display at the 2014 SEMA Show. A 2014 Dodge Ram Mega Cab was Matthew Archuleta choice, when it came to building his custom designed truck. His truck definitely stood out from the rest and will not be forgotten.

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Matthew’s Dodge features a full line of Rigid Industries LED Lights which include (1) 54” RDS-Series Radius LED light bar and (2) sets of D-Series Duallys in the front and rear bumper of the truck.

His truck also features a custom 10” Full Throttle suspension lift kit with Remote Reservoir Shocks that includes a custom Rear Coil spring suspension. Some other add-ons were, 40” Toyo Open County Mud Terrain Tires with a set of 22X10.5 BMF S.O.T.A. (Soldier of the Apocalypse) Edition Wheels that include a death metal finish and a complete set of Fusion Bumpers.

With the custom build complete and displayed proudly at the 2014 SEMA Show, Matthew’s Dodge made a solid statement.

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