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Diesel Tech Magazine – Volume 10, Issue 1 – LED Light Bar Round-Up

“Illuminating the Way Ahead” Author Credits – Jeffrey V. Shirts www.DieselTechMag.com

Light bars are a new staple for any truck owner who has invested money into improving and modifying his ride. While light bars have a practical purpose of illuminating the road before a truck, they are prized more for their contribution to the appearance and stance of the truck than for their utility. With the light bar aftermarket industry boom, this Diesel Tech roundup centers on the growing industry and what products are currently available.” – Jeffrey V. Shirts

Diesel Tech 2Diesel Tech 3
Rigid Industries is proud to have been displayed as one of the top competing LED Lighting Manufacturers in this months round-up discussion. 

“Rigid Industries is one of the few manufacturers who specialize primarily in LED light bar technology. Rigid Industries LED products include cubes, single, double, curved, two-toned and other specialty LED products. Rigid Industries provides a large variety of light bars, from small 4-inch bars to 50-inch light bars designed for any truck.”

-Jeffry V. Shirts

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