Rigid Torture Team Member Darren Parsons of Dirt Alliance Driver Bio


“When I sought out a lighting company, Rigid Industries was the one and only clear choice. Their products are a true testament to quality and ingenuity. Nothing on the market carries the high grade product and support that Rigid offers. Rigid Nation!” – Darren Parsons

Driver Bio:
Rigid Torture Team Member Darren Parsons, 26, of Ridgecrest, CA, was born and raised riding dirt bikes, off-roading cars, and sharing the love of the desert. Darren was always aspiring to race in local races or ride a vehicle he could take through the desert as fast as possible. Racing dirt bikes lead him into wanting an off-road vehicle of his own even more through his teenage years. Into his twenties, he established a career and decided that it was time to start working towards his dream of building an off-road truck.

In February 2010, Darren purchased a rolling chassis from Erik Moore of MooresMetalWorks. Over the next few months, he was able to hire Erik to come out and stay with him so he could fabricate the truck as money was available and finish it. By October, the truck was running and ready to drive!

Darren enjoyed running the truck around his backyard, but his competitive wouldn’t let him keep it a fun cruiser for long. In May 2011, he entered his first race, SNORE’s Plaster City, with his #1447 truck. After enduring three laps with an underpowered V6, it was time to make the move to a V8. In October 2011, the swap was complete, and Darren entered SNORE’s Rage at the River and finished in eight place out of almost 50 trucks. At this point, he was hooked.

In 2012, Darren took home an undisputed SNORE championship, winning four out of the six races. In 2013, he decided to create a higher class of 1400 racing with a couple good friends, and they named it The Competition 1400 Series. This took the biggest races of the year and compiled them together to bring out the true competition in the 1400 class. Darren finished as a runner up to a legend in his sport, Jonathan Libby, in 2013. Darren’s aim is to only improve until he is the best.

Darren Parsons 1447

Darren Parsons 1447

About The Ride:
The #1447 truck was built by Erik Moore of MooresMetalWorks in Lompoc, CA. Based off a 1969 Ford F-100 chassis, it features a 1.75″ cage using DOM with chromoly plating for structure while keeping all of its stock interior features. It has a 1993 Ford Ranger cab wrapped in McNeil Racing 2012 Ford Ranger Fiberglass. The paint was done by Manual Lacara, and it is halfway wrapped by Ryan Abbatoye of RAD and Kem Parks of KP productions.

Front suspension is a modified NewLine 1″ Kingpin Beam Kit, cycling 21″ of travel, utilizing 3.0 Fox Bypasses and 2.5 Fox Coilovers with a 2.5 Fox Bump Stop. Rear suspension is a custom MooresMetalWorks 4 link that uses RuffStuff Specialties Upper 4 Link brackets, 3.5″ Fox Bypasses, 2.5″ Fox Coilovers, and 2.0″ Fox bump stops. The truck also uses a RuffStuff custom 9″ rear end assembled by Erik Moore with 2.25 Summers Brother hubs and 40 spline axles. RuffStuff also provided a rear sway bar on the truck.

The power plant is a built LS6 by J&J automotive machine shop, boasting a healthy 397RWHP. Transmission is a completely-built Turbo 400 by John Maria of Competitive Driveline. Wheels and tires are provided by Motion Tire Motorsports. The exhaust is custom built by Erik Moore, with an X pipe and FlowMaster race series mufflers provided by T&T. Poly Performance sponsored, Team Dirt Alliance.

Lighting The Way:
Rigid Industries lights the way for Darren, and his truck features the latest in LED lighting. The front of the truck has a total of seven lights. Damon Flippo has the #1447 truck set up with two 20″ SR Series Lights, one in white and one in red. Two Dually D2’s took the place of the factory headlights. On the A pillars, there are 2 Q4 Series Lights in red (for cutting through thick desert dust). On top, the truck features a 50″ Hyper Lens that will light anything in sight, as far as the eye can see. For all the people running behind #1447, it features a 30″ Race Light that incorporates the required running and brake lights.




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