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The Ride of My Life

Brad Barker, host of the new adventure series “The Ride of My Life,” is giving people the opportunity to witness the world’s most famous explorers and adventures first hand.

The adventure series is currently taking place all over the world. Brad recently just returned from riding the highest road in the world in the Himalaya Mountains. Even though, the new adventure series is taking place all over the planet, this part takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque is the starting location for the new Continental Divide adventure.

The tour is lead by RawHyde Adventures where they will be guiding The Ride of My Life crew up the foothills, into the Rocky Mountains and nearly all the way to the Canadian border. This historical route will not be explored on horseback like the old days but instead on the highly advanced BMW Adventure motorcycle.

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Technology is a vital tool needed for this long haul adventure. The Ride of My Life crew will be using Garmin GPS enabled walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. Communication is an important part of this adventure and the Garmin GPS systems will come in handy.

Sometimes you have to cover miles and miles of highway at night to reach the destination faster. Lighting is the most important tool when traveling at night. Rigid Industries LED Lighting is the primary source of lighting for the Continental Divide adventure. The BMW Adventure motorcycles will be fully equipped with Rigid Industries products.

Safety is another important feature when it comes to motorcycle adventuring. A German company called Schuberth has invented a communications integrated helmet. This helmet gives the rider the unique feature to communicate with their team and listen to their favorite music as well.

Clothing is mandatory in motorcycle adventuring because the environment is always unpredictable. Klim motorcycle and snowmobiling gear is the clothing of choice by the Ride of My Life crew. The Klim suit always you to breath easily while ensuring safety. The 3M Thinsulate Insulation and Gore-Tex performance makes every ride enjoyable.

Be sure to follow the Ride of My Life’s Facebook page as they embark on the Continental Divide adventure.

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