LED Lighting Makes Boating and Bassin’ Safer and Easier


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Everyone has spent the July afternoon out on the lake fishing for that big bass that they could only dream about, but the only thing that you have to show for it is a sunburn and a headache. Ouch!

Nighttime bass fishing.

Nighttime bass fishing.

You sit and you think to yourself, maybe it’s time for a change. Nighttime bass fishing is something every angler has to experience. You don’t have to be a professional bass fisherman to do it. At the end of the day, we all have that one goal in mind and thats to catch a big ole’ bass.

Once you set out for your nighttime casting adventure there will come a time when you need some light. Lighting is a very important tool when it comes to nighttime bass fishing. Rigid Industries LED Lights makes fishing and other outdoor activities safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone from the diehard tournament bass angler to the novice weekend recreational boater.

One professional bass fisherman explains how important lighting is for nighttime bass fishing.

Andy Manahl on Lake Havasu as the sun sets.

Andy Manahl on Lake Havasu as the sun sets.

Andy Manahl, WONBass writer and professional angler states, “Lighting for towing vehicles and/or boats for nighttime bass fishing are exceptionally important.”

Manahal goes on to explain why Rigid Industries LED Lighting is the number one choice of LED lighting for nighttime bass fishing. “Rigid Industries LED Lights have no moving parts, require 50% less power draw, feature instant on/off and one of the most highly sophisticated, patented optic systems out on the market,” says Manahal.

Manahal has been running Rigid’s for years now and he says that it makes bassin’ safer and easier. “You feel exceptionally safe when your lights are on. There is nothing like running the open water in the middle of the night at Lake Mead, or Clear Lake,” says Manahal.

Towing is just one of the important safety precautions for nighttime bass fishing. Putting the boat back on the trailer is another task that Rigid LED lights can conquer. “When putting my boat back on the trailer in the middle of the night, my trailer looks like an airport runway and it’s super easy to load it up and get it home safe,” said Manahal.

It’s clear that Rigid Industries LED Lighting is the prime safety option when it comes to nighttime bass fishing. Always remember be safe and plan ahead before you cast out into the open water. Now go out there and have some fun!

*Here are some tips when it comes to nighttime bass fishing.*

  • Although other anglers may be out, at night it’s much more peaceful.
  • Some experienced anglers believe that they catch larger fish at night.
  • During warm days, bass wait until things cool off in the evening to feed, so it’s easier to catch them at night.



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