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Become a guest blogger for Rigid Life by telling us your Rigid Industries LED Lighting product story. Your Rigid product story will be featured on our Rigid Life Blog.


  • Blogs must be at least three paragraphs long.
  • Each blog must contain at least two photos of your Rigid product.
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40335 Jeep JK Double A-Pilar MountCheck out some of our featured Testimonials on our homepage for examples of a some Rigid product stories.

My Dad hit a deer two nights ago and all that happened to my Rigid Light was a bent bracket and bolt. Light is as straight as can be and works!  — Jared McCormick – m4performance

I rolled over three times at 80 mph with a Rigid 10″ and 2 dually’s and they didn’t break or anything and I put them on my 4Runner’s bumper and I hit a cow and they didn’t break. They’re stronger than you think!  — Karl F

I’ve been using Rigid’s A-Series accessory lights in the wheel wells of my Jeep for rock lights. What an amazing difference that makes. They remove virtually all guess work and will pay for themselves by saving my tires. I’ll never go back.  — Jeff D.

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